Lisbon Golf

by Wes Benyshek

Boy’s Golf

Tri-Rivers Conference Golf Meet

The Lisbon boys varsity golf team competed in the Tri-Rivers Conference golf meet May 2nd, at Bellevue Country Club in Bellevue. They have faced tough weather conditions all year while this week was the same. The boy’s finished 6th overall shooting a total team score of 211. The top scorer for the Lions was Keegan Brayton who shot a 50. The other Lions also did really well. Traysen Schaefer scored a 52, Conner Miller shot a 53, Brayton Frey had a 56, Max Abodeely was at 58, and Sam Hendricks finished with a 63.


Girl’s Golf

Easton Valley Invitational

The Lisbon-Mount Vernon girls golf team also have faced extremely tough conditions all year. On May 2nd, they attended the Easton Valley Invitational at Plum River Golf Course in Preston. They too had tough conditions at this meet. 8 teams golf at this meet. The girls improved their score from last year by 24 strokes! They also placed 4th this year where they placed 6th last. They were led by Ellie Meineke, who scored an 18 hole total of 93. She continued her great season with the 6th place finish at the meet. Other contributors were Emma Howard with a 102, Katelyn Decious with a 114, which was a personal best, Emily David with a score of 121, Ryann Fall, who shot 124, and Maddie Hinrichs with a 131.

maxresdefault (3)


Co-ed Meet

The Lisbon boys and Lisbon-Mount Vernon girls golf teams golfed in the annual Co-Ed meet at Little Bear Golf Course in Wyoming, with Calamus-Wheatland and Midland also participating. At this meet, each of the girls are paired with one boy to compete against the other teams. They alternate shots, and obviously, the goal is to get the ball in the hole in the least amount of shots. Lisbon’s combined team total was a 217, which came behind in close second to Calamus-Wheatland who shot a combined score of 210. Midland came in third with a 224. The best score for the Lions was the duo of Keegan Brayton and Ellie Meineke who tied for the meet medalists with a score of 48. The next best Lion duos were Emma Howard and Trayson Schaefer along with Conner Miller and Katelyn Decious. Both duos shot a 55. Next for the Lions was Max Abodeely and Emily Davis, who fired a 59. The other two Lion teams were Sam Hendricks and Ryann Fall with a 60, and Brayton Frey and Maddie Hinrichs with a 66. The coaches also got to compete against other coaches in this meet. Coaches Lance Kamaus and Andy Kaul shot a 47 which came in second among the three teams. They fell behind the the Midland coaches who shot a day low of 40.


Lisbon Choir

by Izzy Steele

I never pictured myself being a class that would make me voluntarily sing songs in front of other people. Besides the extreme concerts in the shower that no one heard, I was not into singing. My inability to find a pitch was breathtaking. I sounded like a cow that was near death. Choir opened a new door for me that I was interested in walking through.

imgres-1 (1)

Mrs. Stulken is an amazing choral music teacher that can make anyone sound decent. Choir has broadened my friend group immensely and I couldn’t be more thankful. If you are even considering joining choir, I would recommend it. The choir is full of people from different grades. The choir will be losing eight seniors after this year, but will be looking forward to the freshman faces of next year. The Lisbon Choir has been working hard all year to see results in there final few concerts of the year.

After their spring concert, they are hopeful for a great performance at the Large Group Festival this Friday at Anamosa. The mixed choir will be singing Inscription of Hope, Praise the Lord, Joy Be With You All. The girls’ choir will be singing Pie Jesu, Now What is Love, and Going up Yonder. You can watch the choir preform one last time this Friday (girls at 4:30 and the mixed choir at 5:15.) They have already preformed 4 times this year. These performances included a Christmas concert, Jazz and Java night, Solo and Ensemble Festival and their Spring Concert.

107th Drake Relays

by Bryce Hasselmann 

It was a wet weekend, but the 107th Drake Relays still went on. The field was loaded with competitors from around the world all looking to show their skills in front of an electric crowd. Some notable athletes included: Lashawn Merritt, Kirani James, Bershawn Jackson, Sandi Morris, and many more. The relays happened this past weekend Thursday through Saturday at Drake Stadium in Des Moines. The crowd turnout was extremely impressive, despite it being a very cold and rainy weekend. The athletes were also able to shine and set new personal records even though the running conditions were not favorable. The competitors ranged from middle school athletes to olympians. Everyone came in with the same goal which was to display their talent. It was an jam packed weekend full of impressive entertainment


Local Athletes Shine

Among all the athletes competing at Drake this past weekend, there were also many local athletes competing as well. The Lisbon 4x100m relay ran on Friday night and placed 22nd in the high school division out of the top 80 teams in the state. Also competing was Tristan Wirfs of Mount Vernon who swept the throwing events winning both the shot put and discus for the high school division. His shot put throw of 66-3.50 feet ranks 2nd all-time in the state of Iowa. Mount Vernon was also represented by their Distance Medley and 4x800m teams who placed 11th and 3rd respectively. The local talent was impressive, and the athletes fit in with the rest of the outstanding crowd.


In conclusion it was an amazing event to witness, and if you haven’t already made the trip to Des Moines to watch all the athletes compete, you should consider doing so in the future. There were numerous 2012 Rio Olympic rematches, as well as the top high schoolers and college runners in the state and nation, competing to win the trademarked Drake flags. You won’t find another track meet in the nation with the same excitement as the Drake Relays. From hearing Mike Jay’s voice doing commentary, to seeing the beautiful blue oval, it truly is an event to witness.

To see the full results from the 2017 Drake Relays click here.


Prom is Approaching Fast!

by Gina Montgomery

With prom a week away, there are some very important things that you should be informed about. Whether you are a prom goer yourself, parent, or even a person who just wants to go to Grand March, there are some important dates and times you should know.

imgres (5)
The charming Hotel Vetro!

Important Dates and Time

First things first, prom is on May 6th. That’s probably the most important thing you should know.  Tickets were available on Friday April 28th. If you’re a student and DID NOT get to purchase your ticket on time then you can contact Brandy Jennett to schedule a time to purchase your tickets at a later date. Tickets will be $65 per person. Students has multiple opportunities to get money off their tickets. If you are one of these students then make sure to tell Brandy when purchasing your ticket.

Grand March will be held in the Lion’s Den at 5pm sharp! So make sure to get there early to get good seats! Juniors and Seniors that are planning to go to Grand March, photos will be offered by C&J Studios. These will be taken BEFORE Grand March starts. There is a signup sheet in the high school office. Pick a time slot for you and your date and make sure you are there on time. Envelopes and order forms for these photos are also available in the high school office.

Here is the order of events:

Junior (couples) Photos: 3:30-3:55

Junior (class) Photo: 3:55

Senior (couples) Photos: 4:00-4:35

Junior Class Line Up for Grand March : 4:30

Senior (class) Photo: 4:35

Senior Class Line Up for Grand March: 4:45

Once Grand March is over, busses will be departing from Lisbon Schools at 6pm. Students will arrive at Hotel Vetro in Iowa City roughly around 6:30-6:45. Dinner will be served at Hotel Vetro followed by the dance. Busses plan to leave the hotel around 11:30-11:45. Post Prom will follow, starting at 1am in the Lion’s Den. Games, food, and more will be provided at Post Prom.

If you have any questions, please contact Brandy Jennett at 319-491-6966.

The Future of Pro-Fit

by Drayton Kamberling

With this year ending fast, and next year coming so soon, I am going to give you some information on our weight lifting and agility program we have here at Lisbon Community School. We call this program Pro-Fit. In the past, Lisbon schools has required all student going out for a sport at Lisbon to lift before during or after their practice, three times a week.

Downfalls to this were that Lisbon athletes would be getting out of practice late, and having a hard time getting homework done and staying on top of academics. Pros to this were that Lisbon students were getting stronger and more athletic for their sport, and also for sports coming up. Coaches and staff have gotten together, and found a way to eliminate the con of students getting home late, and now students will have time for other things like homework and things in life you should have time to do.

With this change we will still have the pro that Lisbon athletes will continue to get stronger, and more athletic and continue to improve our physical health. This also benefits us in sports, and continue to bring home titles! Most coaches were good with the change of time for our Pro-Fit workouts. Instead of doing Pro-Fit three times a week during practice Lisbon students will be required to lift three times a week during the school day.

Students lifting during the school day rather than before, during or after practice will allow them to get home at a decent time and have more time to focus on school work and other things. Along with lifting three times a week Lisbon students will also be allowed to decide what three days they will be attending this lifting session, but they will be required to lift three times out of their five weekdays.

This is good for Lisbon students because say you have a football game on a Friday night, instead of lifting on a Friday you can now chose to lift Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then not have to worry about lifting on your gameday. No one wants to be sore on gameday, so that is why the choosing from students which day they would like to attend is a positive thing. There has also been talk that you might be able to pick what hour you attend Pro-Fit. This is not a for sure thing, but it has been talked about.

For other information regarding school activities and upcoming events visit the Daily Pride!

To check out our other blog posts visit


Week 11

The Weekly Roar

By: Katelyn Holets

Spring Play

The performances for the spring play The Star Witness were on Friday April 21 and Saturday April 22. It was an amazing performance and had a great turnout. Congratulations to the seniors for a smashing final show!

Prom Tickets

This year Prom will be on May 6th, 2017 at the Hotel Vetro in Iowa City. The theme for this year will be Paris. Also transportation will be provided to and from the dance by Windstar Charters. There will be a formal meal from 7:00- 8:00 p.m. and a DJ from 8:00-11:00 p.m. After the dance the students will be brought back to the school. Post Prom will the follow the dance. Prom tickets will be on sale Friday April 28th from 7:30-8:15 a.m. outside the High School Office. The final ticket price is $65 per person. If this time does not work please contact Brandy Jennett at 319-491-6966 to coordinate an alternate time or for any further questions. Just a reminder that Prom is in 3 weeks!

Breakfast Change

The nutrition department has conducted a survey with the help of our Lisbon INC crew asking student what they would like to eat for breakfast at school. The results have shown that our students would like to have more of their favorite breakfast items offered daily. Some of the options can include more biscuits and gravy, more muffins, more yogurt parfaits, more breakfast sandwiches, and more healthy donuts.

Blood Drive

The School will be hosting a blood drive next Thursday April 27 from 2:45-6:00 p.m. in the High School cafeteria. If the school meets its goal for amount of blood donated, the school will receive $250 that will help fund training for the AED trainers. To sign up please call or email Julie Light, RN at 455-2659, ext. 236 or You can also sign up at and look for the Lisbon Blood Drive. By donating you can help save 3-4 lives, you get to relax for a little while, and get a snack when you are done.

Track and Field

The boys had a great meet at Mid-Prairie last Thursday night. Brett Givens won the Long Jump. Justin Clarke and Aaron Venenga both had prs in the shot put. The sprint medley relay team of Hasselmann, Bova, Arwine and Langhurst set a pr and finished 1st. 4×800 relay of Jennett, Kilburg, Siebrecht and Krob ran a season pr to finish 1st. The distance medley relay team of Bova, Arwine, Butteris and Bahl ran a 3:38.68 which currently sits them 18th in the whole state and may qualify for Drake Relays, our best time in the dmed last year was at state and it was a 3:38…great run for the middle of April, boys! Jake Jennett and Cooper Siebrecht finished 1st and 2nd in the open 800. Thatcher Krob finished 1st in the 1600. 4×100 relay team of Hasselmann, Bova, Langhurst and Butteris ran a 44.71 which should be good enough to qualify them for the Drake Relays at the end of April. The 4×400 relay team of Langhurst, Arwine, Bahl and Butteris finished 1st. The boys finished a close 2nd to Mid-Prairie by 11 points. Great job boys!

Art Festival

On Friday April 21 Sydney Bedell, Silas Young, Tanya Mallie, Kaitlyn Kerslake, Ryann Fall, and Austin Soukup traveled to the Tri-Rivers Art Festival and competition at Springville High School. All of the students did very well.


Some advice for students taking the ACT would be to bring proper writing utensils, snacks, water, and a calculator for the math portion. Get plenty of rest and make sure to eat a good breakfast to help wake your mind up for the big test. Also make sure to study before you go and take the test!

Boys Golf

On Monday the boys varsity golf team competed in the Irish Invitational at Valley Oaks Golf Course in Clinton. The team received a score of 431 for an 18 hole course. They finished fourth in the seven teams that played for the day. Keegan Brayton finished with the best score of 100 for the team. Sam Hendricks finished with a score of 109, Traysen Schaefer finished with a score of 111, Max Abodeely finished with a score of 111, Conner Miller finished with a score of 112, and Brayton Fry finished with a score of 136. Great job boys!


by Maddie Morningstar

About the ACT

The ACT stands for American College Test. It is a standardized test used to assess readiness for college. It is needed to get into most colleges. The sections include english, math, reading, science, and writing if you take that portion. Below is a table with the number of questions and time limit for each section.


Section Number of Questions Time Limit (minutes)
English 75 45
Mathematics 60 60
Reading 40 35
Science 40 35
Writing (Writing Test Only) 1 essay 40


That totals to a 2 hour and 55 minute test, or 3 hours 35 minutes if you take the ACT Plus Writing. You also get a 10 minute break in between the math and reading section. If you take the writing portion, you get a 5 minute break after the science section. During the break is a good time to go to the bathroom, get a drink, eat a snack, and prepare for the next part of your session. It will also take time for the instructor of your room to pass out booklets and read directions, so plan for the entire process to take about 4 hours.


So, if you know the number of questions and the time limit, you can figure out about how much time you have per question. Below is a table with how much time you will have to answer each question to use all of the time given to you.

Section Approx. Time Per Question
English 36 seconds
Mathematics 1 minute
Reading 52 seconds (does not include time needed to read passage)
Science 52 seconds (does not include time to read experiment or charts)



In the United States, the national average composite score is 20.8. In Iowa, the average composite score is 22.1. What does this mean? The highest score you can get on the ACT is a 36. If you get a 36, that means you did not miss a question (or you could have missed just one in mathematics). Your score is calculated by the number of questions you miss. Click here to find the range used to score the ACT. You find the mean of the scores from each section to get your composite score.

If you are worried that your score is not good enough to get into college, do not panic. State schools in Iowa use a formula to sort through the many applications they receive. This formula is called RAI or Regent Admissions Index. You plug in your accumulative GPA, number of core classes you have taken, your ACT or SAT score, and your class rank (if your school abides by that). If your score is a 245 or higher, you are automatically admitted into the college. High ACT scores are important if you want to join a specific program or college and want direct admission. Do you not have a 245 RAI score? Do not worry. This just means your application will have to be looked at more carefully.

Test Tips

Listed below are some test tips to help you get the best possible score on the ACT.

  • Study (whether that is getting a tutor, taking a prep class, or finding free study websites online)
  • Get good sleep the night before
  • Eat a good breakfast the day of
  • Lay out the things you need for the test the night before (ID, printed admission ticket, #2 pencils (NOT mechanical), eraser, calculator that is ok’ed by the ACT, water, and snacks for break)
  • Don’t cram
  • Read the information/paragraphs first before answering the questions
  • Check your answer by plugging it back in
  • Skip hard questions and come back to them
  • Use process of elimination
  • Relax and do your best!

Writing for Media — Thoughts for Next Year

by Keegan Speed

Instead of talking about the behind the scenes of the Weekly Roar, I want to put the spotlight on the future of Writing for Media. This is solely my thoughts and opinion on how the class should be structured.

Before I explain in more detail, the class should take up two full class periods. This will allow students to have enough time for creating content, and learning about media.

The main goal of the class should be to create informing content for the community, in an entertaining way. To do so, there should be designated days of the week to hit subgoals.

Mondays should be designated to being taught about media. This will spark ideas, creativity, and techniques for the week.

Tuesday through Thursday will be the work days. This includes filming, gathering information, perfecting scripts and segments. Having more time to do all this, will make it less stressful and more enjoyable in creating the content.

Friday would be a great day for team meetings. During this time, it would be great to write out all ideas on the whiteboard. Decide what stories are going to be covered and who’s going to be apart of each segment, for the next coming week. This doesn’t have the take up the whole class time; however, the time spent brainstorming should be greater than the other use of time. To make the next week more efficient, the rest of the class should be spent writing out a rough script.

Now, here are my thoughts on team roles. Everybody can have the interest and want to do a specific job, but everybody may not have the skill, strength, and know-how. Team roles should stay relatively the same throughout the whole course.

Editing: One or two people should be enough for this. They’ll be in charge of uploading video footage onto a hard drive, editing videos, and posting the content onto social media. They will edit during class time, so they don’t have to do so much outside of school, as it can be time consuming.

Filming: There really only needs to be one or two videographers for this as well. They will be in charge of handling the camera, making sure audio and other functions are going well during recording time, and making sure that video footage gets to the editors.

Reporters/Anchors: However many there really needs to be. Shouldn’t need more than five. They’ll be in charge of writing their scripts, gathering information, and being presentable.

Teacher: Make sure that everything stays appropriate, while being lenient and open-minded to new ideas. Obviously they will be provide the education of media and what they expect out of each student. For the students to be creative and innovative, let them be free as much as possible, to an extent.

For everybody saying that the quality isn’t going to be as good without my camera rig and experience, GEAR DOES NOT MATTER. Casey Neistat explains it the best. The story is king. Everything serves the king. With creativity and telling a story well, the gear doesn’t have to be super high quality. In all honesty, filming with a phone or iPod can do the job. Editing in iMovie(a free Apple software for their products). It literally can be all filmed and editing on an iPad, if that’s what it comes down to.

I suggest that the school funds this class, as they will be creating content for school. I’m sure that there’s a computer that is hardly even used in the school, that can be designated for editing with. $1,000 is plenty of money to be have quality video, audio, stabilization, and lighting. I guarantee, if funded, more and more students will: 1. Be excited and engaged in content creation. 2. Produce quality content for the school. 3. Give students experience and know-how in the content creation field.

Opinion: The Bypass

by Hunter Martin

The new bypass will have a huge effect on Lisbon and other towns that it goes through. Some of the negative affects are that it will affect businesses because there will not be as much traffic so people will not make stops at the local businesses. Another negative affect is that as the bypass is being constructed, the buses will have to change routes and more likely have take longer to pick up the kids and get back to the school while the roads are closed off. Businesses on Sutliff road like the Sutliff Cider and Sutliff bar could lose lots of money since no one really wants to take the back roads to get to these places. The positives of the bypass being built is that the construction workers will eat local and they will also get gas for their machinery locally. It could also make it safer for pedestrians and children since there will be a lot less traffic when the bypass is finished. Another positive affect is that leaving school events or even after school when everyone’s trying to leave all at once, it might go faster since there will be a lot less traffic going through Lisbon making it easier to get out. When the road is being built, companies might have job openings and it could provide locals with a decent job.