Lisbon Choir

by Izzy Steele

I never pictured myself being a class that would make me voluntarily sing songs in front of other people. Besides the extreme concerts in the shower that no one heard, I was not into singing. My inability to find a pitch was breathtaking. I sounded like a cow that was near death. Choir opened a new door for me that I was interested in walking through.

imgres-1 (1)

Mrs. Stulken is an amazing choral music teacher that can make anyone sound decent. Choir has broadened my friend group immensely and I couldn’t be more thankful. If you are even considering joining choir, I would recommend it. The choir is full of people from different grades. The choir will be losing eight seniors after this year, but will be looking forward to the freshman faces of next year. The Lisbon Choir has been working hard all year to see results in there final few concerts of the year.

After their spring concert, they are hopeful for a great performance at the Large Group Festival this Friday at Anamosa. The mixed choir will be singing Inscription of Hope, Praise the Lord, Joy Be With You All. The girls’ choir will be singing Pie Jesu, Now What is Love, and Going up Yonder. You can watch the choir preform one last time this Friday (girls at 4:30 and the mixed choir at 5:15.) They have already preformed 4 times this year. These performances included a Christmas concert, Jazz and Java night, Solo and Ensemble Festival and their Spring Concert.



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