107th Drake Relays

by Bryce Hasselmann 

It was a wet weekend, but the 107th Drake Relays still went on. The field was loaded with competitors from around the world all looking to show their skills in front of an electric crowd. Some notable athletes included: Lashawn Merritt, Kirani James, Bershawn Jackson, Sandi Morris, and many more. The relays happened this past weekend Thursday through Saturday at Drake Stadium in Des Moines. The crowd turnout was extremely impressive, despite it being a very cold and rainy weekend. The athletes were also able to shine and set new personal records even though the running conditions were not favorable. The competitors ranged from middle school athletes to olympians. Everyone came in with the same goal which was to display their talent. It was an jam packed weekend full of impressive entertainment


Local Athletes Shine

Among all the athletes competing at Drake this past weekend, there were also many local athletes competing as well. The Lisbon 4x100m relay ran on Friday night and placed 22nd in the high school division out of the top 80 teams in the state. Also competing was Tristan Wirfs of Mount Vernon who swept the throwing events winning both the shot put and discus for the high school division. His shot put throw of 66-3.50 feet ranks 2nd all-time in the state of Iowa. Mount Vernon was also represented by their Distance Medley and 4x800m teams who placed 11th and 3rd respectively. The local talent was impressive, and the athletes fit in with the rest of the outstanding crowd.


In conclusion it was an amazing event to witness, and if you haven’t already made the trip to Des Moines to watch all the athletes compete, you should consider doing so in the future. There were numerous 2012 Rio Olympic rematches, as well as the top high schoolers and college runners in the state and nation, competing to win the trademarked Drake flags. You won’t find another track meet in the nation with the same excitement as the Drake Relays. From hearing Mike Jay’s voice doing commentary, to seeing the beautiful blue oval, it truly is an event to witness.

To see the full results from the 2017 Drake Relays click here.




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