Prom is Approaching Fast!

by Gina Montgomery

With prom a week away, there are some very important things that you should be informed about. Whether you are a prom goer yourself, parent, or even a person who just wants to go to Grand March, there are some important dates and times you should know.

imgres (5)
The charming Hotel Vetro!

Important Dates and Time

First things first, prom is on May 6th. That’s probably the most important thing you should know.  Tickets were available on Friday April 28th. If you’re a student and DID NOT get to purchase your ticket on time then you can contact Brandy Jennett to schedule a time to purchase your tickets at a later date. Tickets will be $65 per person. Students has multiple opportunities to get money off their tickets. If you are one of these students then make sure to tell Brandy when purchasing your ticket.

Grand March will be held in the Lion’s Den at 5pm sharp! So make sure to get there early to get good seats! Juniors and Seniors that are planning to go to Grand March, photos will be offered by C&J Studios. These will be taken BEFORE Grand March starts. There is a signup sheet in the high school office. Pick a time slot for you and your date and make sure you are there on time. Envelopes and order forms for these photos are also available in the high school office.

Here is the order of events:

Junior (couples) Photos: 3:30-3:55

Junior (class) Photo: 3:55

Senior (couples) Photos: 4:00-4:35

Junior Class Line Up for Grand March : 4:30

Senior (class) Photo: 4:35

Senior Class Line Up for Grand March: 4:45

Once Grand March is over, busses will be departing from Lisbon Schools at 6pm. Students will arrive at Hotel Vetro in Iowa City roughly around 6:30-6:45. Dinner will be served at Hotel Vetro followed by the dance. Busses plan to leave the hotel around 11:30-11:45. Post Prom will follow, starting at 1am in the Lion’s Den. Games, food, and more will be provided at Post Prom.

If you have any questions, please contact Brandy Jennett at 319-491-6966.



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