The Future of Pro-Fit

by Drayton Kamberling

With this year ending fast, and next year coming so soon, I am going to give you some information on our weight lifting and agility program we have here at Lisbon Community School. We call this program Pro-Fit. In the past, Lisbon schools has required all student going out for a sport at Lisbon to lift before during or after their practice, three times a week.

Downfalls to this were that Lisbon athletes would be getting out of practice late, and having a hard time getting homework done and staying on top of academics. Pros to this were that Lisbon students were getting stronger and more athletic for their sport, and also for sports coming up. Coaches and staff have gotten together, and found a way to eliminate the con of students getting home late, and now students will have time for other things like homework and things in life you should have time to do.

With this change we will still have the pro that Lisbon athletes will continue to get stronger, and more athletic and continue to improve our physical health. This also benefits us in sports, and continue to bring home titles! Most coaches were good with the change of time for our Pro-Fit workouts. Instead of doing Pro-Fit three times a week during practice Lisbon students will be required to lift three times a week during the school day.

Students lifting during the school day rather than before, during or after practice will allow them to get home at a decent time and have more time to focus on school work and other things. Along with lifting three times a week Lisbon students will also be allowed to decide what three days they will be attending this lifting session, but they will be required to lift three times out of their five weekdays.

This is good for Lisbon students because say you have a football game on a Friday night, instead of lifting on a Friday you can now chose to lift Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then not have to worry about lifting on your gameday. No one wants to be sore on gameday, so that is why the choosing from students which day they would like to attend is a positive thing. There has also been talk that you might be able to pick what hour you attend Pro-Fit. This is not a for sure thing, but it has been talked about.

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