Opinion: The Bypass

by Hunter Martin

The new bypass will have a huge effect on Lisbon and other towns that it goes through. Some of the negative affects are that it will affect businesses because there will not be as much traffic so people will not make stops at the local businesses. Another negative affect is that as the bypass is being constructed, the buses will have to change routes and more likely have take longer to pick up the kids and get back to the school while the roads are closed off. Businesses on Sutliff road like the Sutliff Cider and Sutliff bar could lose lots of money since no one really wants to take the back roads to get to these places. The positives of the bypass being built is that the construction workers will eat local and they will also get gas for their machinery locally. It could also make it safer for pedestrians and children since there will be a lot less traffic when the bypass is finished. Another positive affect is that leaving school events or even after school when everyone’s trying to leave all at once, it might go faster since there will be a lot less traffic going through Lisbon making it easier to get out. When the road is being built, companies might have job openings and it could provide locals with a decent job.




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