Whitetails Spring Fling

By Hunter Martin

Whitetails Spring Fling Whitetails Unlimited is a national non-profit conservation organization that covers many states and has annual fundraisers. Tim Powers is from Lisbon and is the field director for Iowa and does about 40 other banquets across the state. Each banquet is run by a chapter which consists of 6 or more local people that help Tim run the banquet. This committee also decides where to spend the money that they raise. My dad is part of the local chapter and helps with the banquets in Lisbon. Me and my dad have helped set the tables and chairs and helped clean up after the banquets. It usually has around 250 people and costs $45 which includes the meal and a membership. The profit goes towards community projects but not only conservation projects but community projects such as the splash pad that was put in the park not to long ago. They also helped pay for the Mt.Vernon bow club to go to nationals. The Whitetails Banquets are fun to go to and often have live auctions, wild animal prints, furniture, bows, firearms, and a silent auction. Local businesses some times donate cash and items to the auctions and raffles. Ace Hardware donated a yeti cooler to be auctioned off. The money also goes towards purchases of land for hunting and hiking. Sometimes they will donate the money to the local food pantries. This is a good activity to take your family to because of all this but they also have a prime rib dinner and raffles and games to win merchandise.



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