Health Day

by Izzy Steele

Health Day at Lisbon Schools

Health day is a time for students at Lisbon schools to take a small break from the typical school day to relax and compete in various events around the school. This can be a fun way to compete against friends and take a break from another assignment. Health Day will be next Thursday. This is quite the week to look forward to because we have an early-out Wednesday, Health Day Thursday and no school Friday! There will be many options offered at Health Day BUT ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE REQUIRED TO FILL OUT A PERMISSION FORM BEFORE COMPETING. THIS CAN BE FOUND IN THE OFFICE.

The Point of Health Day

The point of this day is for kids to take a break from the classic school day to focus on physical and mental health for the time being. It is important for students to have a small “time-out” from homework and school because it can be a heavy workload. This day is an easy and fun way for student to get out of the desk and get active. The Lisbon Student Council realizes the importance of this change in schedule and that is why the Health Day was started last year and will be continuing again this year (and hopefully for years to come.)  

Grade Tug of War

This is going to be an event to get the day off to a good start. Focusing on working as a team (in this case working as a grade) is an important trait that all young adults should possess. This event takes a first hand approach at grades working together to succeed at a common goal. This will be set up similar to Powderpuff with Sophomore competing against Juniors and Seniors going against Freshman. This will take place in the gym.

Speakers and Yoga

Another part of the day will be dedicated to learning a bit more about mental and physical health. On the mental side of things, Tonya Hotchkin from Tanager Place is going to come to the school to talk to the students about what mental health is and understanding yourself a bit more. This will happen directly after tug of war and will last around an hour. Later in the day there will also be a yoga room that will be dedicated to students who are interested in relaxing. There will be two sessions of yoga taking place in the wrestling room. The sessions are capped at 25 people per session (NOTE: sessions are already full!)

imgres (3)


The volleyball tournament was a fan favorite last year and we are hoping for the same results this year. This tournament will take place the majority of the day. Teams of 6 will compete against their peers to become number one. The winner of this tournament will then play a team full of teachers. A sign up for volleyball teams was sent out earlier in the week and teams are due by the end of Monday. You and six of your friends can have an awesome opportunity to have some fun while competing.

Bike Ride

During health day, students will also be offered a bike ride around town option. Alivia Woltman will be in charge of this event and is excited to take the ride. Permission slips and helmets are required for this event.



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