Blood Drive April 27th

by Gina Montgomery

Giving Blood

Giving blood is an easy and fulfilling way to help someone else who is struggling and in need.


Location and Details

The Lisbon School will be hosting a blood drive on April 27th in the high school cafeteria. The drive will be lasting from 2:45-6:00. If you participate in this blood drive you will be saving 3-5 lives, along with a little snack! Also, if the school meets its goal then the school will receive $250 in cash which will be used to increase our AED trainers. An AED trainer is used to teach others the operation of automated external defibrillators safely.


How it Works

First you will complete a donor registration. This will include information such as your name, address, phone number, and your donor identification number. Make sure to bring either your donor card (if you already have one), or a valid driver’s license, because you will be asked for a photo ID no matter how many times you have donated.

Next you will be given a questionnaire to fill out. This will include things like your health history and recent places that you have traveled. After you complete all the questions you will then have your temperature, hemoglobin, blood pressure, and pulse checked. These are called your “vitals”.

The final step is the donation process itself. The person helping you will cleanse an area of your arm and insert a brand-new, sterile needle for the blood draw. You usually get to pick which arm you want the needle to go in.  When the needle goes in you will feel a quick pinch. You will have some time to relax once the needle is in your arm and the bag is filling. If you are donating whole blood, the process will take 8-10 minutes. Platelets, red cells, or plasma could take up to 2 hours.

When approximately a pint of blood has been collected, the donation is complete and a staff person will place a bandage on your arm.

After your donation you will spend a few minutes drinking fluids to allow your body time to adjust to the slight decrease in fluid volume.


Contact Information

To sign up for this blood drive at Lisbon you can contact Julie Light, RN at 455-2659, email her at, or sign up at and look for the Lisbon Drive!




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