Soccer Season

by Izzy Steele

As Spring comes sprinting around the corner (and no this isn’t going to be a funny pun about track) it is time to lace up the cleats and get this show on the road. The Lisbon-Mount Vernon soccer programs are ready for an unbreakable season. These seasons will began Monday March 20th, in Mount Vernon. The programs will hopefully gain good numbers this year as Springville is now becoming part of the team. Competition is harsh in this class 2A region, but it is nothing that these team aren’t used to. The Mount Vernon boys begin the season with compelling energy after qualifying for state for the first time in history just last year. The team may have lost lots of their experienced players, but they are ready for a new season and all the challenges it may bring. As the girls are coming of a fresh rebuilding year, they are ready to start focusing on the more entertaining side of the sport (which is mostly anything besides the running.)

Cool Coaching

This MV-L program is different than most others because of the crazy coaching duo that happens during season. The girls coach is Katelyn Murray and the boys coach is Kevin Murray. A father-daughter duo of the century. Both very similar in the way that they coach it is interesting to see them side-by-side; the most interesting part is the fact that they are the same height. Katelyn Murray has been coaching this team for what will be the second year as Mr. Murray has a few more under his belt.

Important Dates and Other Stuff

The team’s first game is Friday, April 7th. The girls will be competing at Marion while the boys will play on their home turf. The girls team will be playing a larger number of their games at their home field, while the boys will be spending more time away. The girls team will be returning at least 10 of their varsity players from last year and the boys will bring back around 15. With a 12-6 record from last season, the boys have a good chance to make another run for the state tournament. The girls team is interested in becoming a stronger unit and improving their record from last season (5-10.)

Preparing for Season

As any athlete knows, there are major steps you must take to prepare for the season ahead of you. Water, water, water. Hydration is so important and there is no better way to stay healthy. As fellow soccer athletes may know, conditioning is also a very important way to become prepared for the season. Just when you think you might be done running, you’re not. Other than that, you must eat healthy food and get lots of rest. Remember to do what other won’t today, so you can do what other can’t tomorrow.



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