My Last Quarter at Lisbon

IMG_0367By: Katelyn Holets

Senior Year So Far…

So far my senior year has gone by so fast! It feels like just yesterday I was starting my senior year and applying to go to college at the University of Iowa. Now we just got done with spring break and I am starting my last 9 weeks of schooling that I will ever have at Lisbon High School. Time really flies when you are having fun! So far this year I have applied for college and gotten accepted, gotten my first car that I paid for myself, and been diagnosed with an uncommon disease. It has been quite a year! I have also gotten my first real job at the LECC! That was one of the most exciting days of my senior year. But now my senior year is coming to a close, which makes me very sad.

The Beginning

Starting off my senior year right was a big deal for me personally. To me, that meant having a good marching band season. After a lot of hard practicing our marching band was great! We one so many event and got a lot of new trophies! After our marching band season ended I was really sad and happy at the same time because I knew that my last year at Lisbon was going to be great! After marching band was over I couldn’t wait for jazz band to start!

Jazz Band

Once jazz band season started I knew that we were going to have a great season! I am going to be sad after Jazz Championships because my jazz band season will be over and that means I am only a month and a half away from graduating. So scary and exciting at the same time! So far for jazz band we have received three trophies and have been asked to attend Jazz Championships. That means I have gone to Jazz Championships every year I have been in high school! It really is an amazing experience. After jazz band started I knew that speech was soon to follow.



I was super excited for speech season to start because it is one of my favorite season! I am so sad that my last speech season at Lisbon is over. Over that last four years I have been to state 3 times for Large Group speech and I have been to state 4 times for my individual poetry! I am so happy that I have had such an amazing group to work with for my speech and I am going to miss Mrs. Reade and Mrs. Pleasant! They have been some of  the best coaches that I have ever had!

Moving Forward…

Well now that my senior year is coming to a close I do not know what I will do without all of the relationships that I have made with many people here at Lisbon High School. I feel like I will be so lost next year when I go to the University of Iowa. It will be a huge change from what I am use to. Over the last four years I have changed so much and part of it is because of all of the amazing teacher that I have had here at Lisbon. Thank you so much for such an amazing year so far and I can’t wait to continue on to my next journey in life!



This is the blog run by the Writing for Media class.

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