Writing for Media Goes to KCRG

By Maddie Morningstar

On Friday, March 2nd, Lisbon’s Writing for Media class took a field trip to KCRG’s studio. Students in the class are Isabelle Steele, Gina Montgomery, Austin Krob, Keegan Speed, Bryce Hasselmann, Hunter Martin, Drayton Kamberling, Katelyn Holets, and Wesley Benyshek. Teaching the class is Mrs. Kibbie and the students were also chaperoned by Mrs. Reade. The students went to their first hour class and were off after that. They took two vans to the studio that is located downtown Cedar Rapids. The tour started around 9:30 and was led by KCRG’s marketing coordinator. Writing for Media got to go to the studio where the magic all happens. They got to try out the green screen and even got to sit at the head table and film the introduction to Weekly Roar #6. In the studio the class got to ask questions and talk to Britley Ritz and Chris Earl. Britley talked about the weather portion of the news and the things that go on behind the scenes to make things happen. Chris Earl talked about all the work that goes into the profession and why he loves his job. It is always something new happening and keeps him busy.


Cedar Rapids Library and Quarter Barrel

After the tour of the studio, the class walked to the Cedar Rapids Library. There the students looked around at all the resources that are available to them to help make good stories. The team later had a meeting in one of the offices to discuss ways on how to make the Weekly Roar better. The Writing for Media group decided on Mondays that they would make an outline together for the upcoming week on who will cover which stories. After the meeting, the group will break off separately to write their stories and interview questions. It was also decided that they would make the videos more structured and news based but still in an interesting and fun way. After the library and the team meeting, the group took off to eat at Quarter Barrel. Quarter Barrel also offered fun arcade games for the team to play.

How to Watch Weekly Roar Episodes

The Weekly Roar are episodes made by the Writing for Media team. They can be found on Amelia Kibbie’s youtube channel. The links can also be found on Writing for Media’s twitter page @priderockblog. Episodes are released on Mondays and they review the previous week of the Lisbon community. The team works really hard to produce videos the community will enjoy. If you have comments or questions about the episodes or blog posts you can contact Mrs. (Amelia) Kibbie at her email akibbie@lisbon.k12.ia.us.



This is the blog run by the Writing for Media class.

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