Lions Boys Basketball Final Game of 2017 Season

By Austin Krob

The Lisbon boy’s basketball team played New London boy’s basketball team in sub-state. The Lions were coming in confident of their chances on February 25. The Lisbon boys were coming to the game winning 17 and losing 7 games. The New London boys came into the game winning 19 and losing 3 games.

The game was very close at the start, until Mason Porter went off. He had had 14 points in the first five minutes. The Lions battled back and got the deficit to less than three. The Lions were scoring almost every time they march down the court. Unfortunately, the Lions couldn’t stop New London’s offense . The Lions kept scoring and going into halftime the Lions were only down two. Once the third quarter started the Lions tied it up really quick, but New London kept on scoring. New London went on a big roll and the Lions couldn’t score. Therefore, the fourth quarter, the Lions were down 55-39. The boys tried their best to battle back but they were unable to make the comeback and the Lisbon boys lost with a final score of 67-46.

The Lions had a great season ending it at 17-8. There were two seniors that were on the team, Blake Langhurst and Jonah Light, it was a great season for both seniors and the rest of team. The boys overcame many obstacles and went on a very good nine game win streak. The Lions are going to be a very strong team next year with a bunch of JR and one SO returning to the team for, hopefully another great season. The Lions will be hoping to make do better next after talking to JR Brett Givens.



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