Behind the Scenes with Keegan

Here is a behind-the-scenes description of how Keegan works his magic to edit our news footage and produce our Weekly Roar episodes!

Weekly Roar — Behind the Scenes

by Keegan Speed

With the eye-opening experience from the Weekly Roar: Episode One, I had a grip on what to do for the next episode. Having a positive reaction from the students within the school gave me all the motivation in the world to put more time and effort into creating content.

Everybody loved how I zoomed up quite close to subjects that deserved the whole frame– even the funny zooming that didn’t deserve a purpose. I knew that this had to be applied to all the future episodes. Timing the zoom takes patients and trial and error. It can be tough to create the right cut.

A challenge that we faced was finding a room with great natural lighting for the hosting. It didn’t take long for the crew and me to stumble upon an entrance area next to the elementary office. The open-windowed side gave us plenty of sunlight to create a well-balanced lit setup.

We lucked out with there being a long folding table for us to sit at– with two chairs as well. I knew instantly that this will be our permanent hosting space.

Expanding our coverage on events resulted to the episode being longer. This took me off guard. It came down to Monday night and I still needed to edit a few segments and finalize all cuts. I took on the editing position; I couldn’t let anybody down. Getting sucked into the flow of editing the episode, I lost track of time. 2:30 A.M. I finished.
An important factor of making episodes better is taking notes on the aired content. I realized that we had a segment that was too long– killing the flow. Also, I want to shoot in RAW video, so I can add color corrections. To do this, I will have to switch editing programs– to Final Cut Pro.



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