Student v. Personal Email

by Gina Montgomery

What’s The Problem?

Many students at Lisbon Community High School and middle school are using their student email (  to sign up for personal newsletters, online shopping, and other things. The Tech Office has sent out multiple emails regarding the dangers that could come with this. Once you sign up for something with your student email, then the school is now technically involved.  If whatever you signed up for sends you emails, you are not accountable for whatever is on them and the school will have access to them.  The Tech Office has made it clear that student email accounts are for school related issues only!


Another problem that the Tech Office has mentioned is corresponding with potential colleges that you are looking to attend.  The Tech Office suggest that you use your personal email in this situation. The reason for that is because when you graduate from High School, your student email will be deleted, and you will no longer be able to access or receive information from that account.

When To Use What

You may be having a hard time figuring out when to use what email.  It’s pretty simple actually. You should use your personal email for your personal accounts such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, music stores, online shopping, etc. You just have to ask yourself “Would I want the school to see the things on this website?”. If the answer is no, then you should probably use your personal account.


You should use your school account when signing up for educational sites. If a teacher wants you to turn a paper in at, then it is safe to use your school email, because your are uploading your school papers/essays on there.  If you still don’t know whether or not to use your personal or school email, the best choice is to use your personal, because in the long run, your school email will be deleted in a few years and who knows when your will use that site again?

Another thing to keep in mind is emailing from your school account. Not only is signed up for non-school related sites a problem, but sending non-school related emails is an issue too.  For example, if you are sending your mom a picture of a pair of shoes you want to buy, then the Tech Office will delete it. That is what your personal email is for.

Let’s all do the Tech Office a favor and keep this problem to a minimum. If students have the time in their busy day then they should change the account information on any of the website mentioned to your personal email.




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