Weekly Roar #2

Welcome to week 2 of Pride Rock Productions Weekly Roar. Pride Rock Productions has a unique and dedicated staff: Drayton Kamberling, Keegan Speed, Austin Krob, Wesly Benyshek, Katelyn Holets, Bryce Hasselmann, Hunter Martin, Izzy Steele, Gina Montgomery, and Maddie Morningstar. If you see us out and about don’t be afraid to share ideas with us about what could possibly be in our next episode. Questions or comments? Feel free to email akibbie@lisbon.k12.ia.us!


The Lisbon Lions girls and boys JV Varsity basketball teams took on Springville on Tuesday, January 31st. The Varsity girls were defeated by Springville, and the Varsity boys beat Springville. The boys and girls next game will be against Central City on Friday February 2nd.


The lions competed in their conference wrestling tournament last weekend at North Linn High School where they beat the second place team by 98 points. Amazing team effort. Starting at 106 Cobe Siebrecht defeated ranked number 1 Willson from Alburnett with a score of 18-5 to claim a title for the Lions. At 113 Cael Happel took 1st. At 120 Ryne Mohrfeld lost 13-5 to take 2nd place for the Lions. At 126 Max Abodeely took 4th. At 132 Cooper Siebrecht took 1st. At 138 McLaughlin took 1st. At 145 Butteris took 1st. At 152 Kilburg took 1st. At 160 McCoy took 3rd. At 170 Werdermann took 2nd. At 195 Jennett took 1st. At 220 O’Connor took 1st. Lastly at 285 Howard took 4th. Lisbon Wrestling has upcoming sectional, and district meets. Sectionals is at Home, and Districts is at Wilton. Come Support your Lions at home!



Lisbon Large Group Speech competed in conference at East Buchanan and got second place. Districts was at Monticello. The Large Group Speech Team is taking nine events to state. The state contest is at Cedar Rapids Washington. Come out and support your speech team at 9:20 A.M. on February 4th with the last event ending at 4:42 P.M.

Lunch Balance Change

What is the new Negative Balance Policy for lunch?

We talked to Michele McCoy, the head of the Lisbon Community School Lunchroom. Michele said, “The Negative Balance Policy is a new policy that has been implemented by the school board to try and manage the negative balance accounts that we have in our school meal accounts.  If we keep the negative balances to a minimum then our lunch and breakfast prices can remain low.

Has the negative balances become a big problem?

Michele also said that the negative balances, “have gotten to be a big problem and so what the policy says is anybody that has a negative fifty dollar balance their child, ONLY 7-12, will get an alternate meal. The child will be provided with a sack lunch containing a soy butter sandwich, a fruit, and a milk until the balance is paid completely. Now with that being said the ak-6 grade students will be able to go through the lunch line. The reason the board adopted the policy this was us because the school board and other community members do not feel like a small child can make their own lunch and bring it to school. We never want a child to go hungry”.

How can parents check their account balances?

We have our School Dining System and any parent or guardian has access to it 24/7 and they have a ID code and password to use it. With this information they are able to login into the system when they need to. You can pay online through the account, bring the payments into the school and turn them into any offices or Michele McCoy, or you can send it to the school with your child.

Book For A Buck

In upcoming news, a group of Lisbon teachers have started a program to allow kids to create libraries at their homes for a cheap price. Book for a Buck was created by multiple teachers throughout the school you can find this “shop” in the library.

Health Tip

Here is a health tip from nurse Julie. Cold and flu season is here. If you need to sneeze or cough make sure that you cover your mouth with your arm or a tissue. Make sure that you wash your hands, but if you don’t have access to soap and water use hand sanitizer. Nurse Julie wants everyone to know that washing with soap and water is better than any other form of washing your hands. Drink extra fluids and get a lot of rest. If you have a temp of 100 degrees or more, and are coughing a lot Nurse Julie says you need to stay home and get some rest. Remember, gel in and gel out!


Other Information

If you did not catch our first episode of the Weekly Roar you can access it at the link below.





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