What to Know about Large Group Spech

By Madelyn Morningstar

Start Up

Speech starts up with an informational meeting during WIN time with the coaches (Mrs. Pleasant and Mrs. Reade) and those who are interested in joining. In the meeting, the coaches give you the rules, contracts, schedule, and lists of events for the season. In the meeting, you list the events by the ones you are least and most interested in. You can either be in one or two events, and the coaches email you what you got and who you will be working with. Once practice schedules come out, the season officially begins. Practices range in times from before school, during WIN time, or after school. The coaches are very good about scheduling practices that are convenient for you and your group members. Practices start in late November with the first practice being basically a brainstorming session. You work with your coaches and group members and focus on what will be a popular performance for the judge(s) and audience.


This Year So Far

Conference speech was Saturday, January 14th at East Buchanan High School. Lisbon had a successful day, placing second overall behind Maquoketa Valley. We also came home with a total of ten division one ratings and three division two ratings. Performances are rated with different divisions, division one, two, three, and four. Division one means excellence, division two needs improvement, division three needs major work, and division four is disqualification. After conference, no matter what division rating you get, you have the rest of the week to prepare for districts. Districts for Lisbon was at Monticello High School on Saturday, January 21st. The lions had nine groups that received division one ratings, five groups received division two, and one group received a division three rating. Those who advance to state speech are those who received a division one at districts. The nine groups moving onto state competition include: Choral Reading “Mad World,” Ensemble Acting “Sure Thing,” Musical Theatre “Seussical,” Group Mime “Channel Surfer,” Group Mime “The Little Athlete That Couldn’t,” Solo Mime “Sorry, Dad!,” Solo Mime “Pet Shop Surprise,” and Solo Mime “A Painter’s Problems.” Conference and districts are the only competitions where the performers meet with the judge directly after the performance to get comments. At conference, districts, state, and all-state, performers collect sheets from the judges with comments.

Upcoming Events

Large group speech is now preparing for state competition. We get two weeks off of competition to take into consideration the judge’s comments. State Large Group Speech is Saturday, February 4th at Cedar Rapids’ Washington High School. Those who get division ones at state get considered for all-state. All-state is a huge honor. Speech is not separated by school size, so there are lots of different high schools represented at state. Even if a group gets all ones, it is still very difficult to be selected for all-state. All-state is Saturday, February 18th at the Iowa State Center in Ames. After all-state, the next section of speech continues, individual speech.




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