Vacation Time

by Izzy Steele


Spring Break is a fun event that the whole school can look forward to as a nice break to get away from the stress and pressures of school. This vacation is usually just a small teaser of the summer to come. As most kids do not know what their plans are for spring break quite yet, they usually find something to do. Some prefer the time to sit at home and watch three seasons of shows in one day; others take to the beach and tan all day long. Which do you prefer?  No matter how you spend your time there is nothing better than taking the break from school.

In a random survey, about half of kids were planning on going out of town for a vacation, while the other half were planning to stay home and catch up on some sleep. Vacation costs can be quite expensive when it comes to this time. One ticket to Florida can cost about $500. If you are planning on vacationing this break, it might be time to start saving your money. If you decided to go somewhere warm on Spring Break, don’t forget your sunscreen because extreme UV rays can be bad for the skin if you are not prepared correctly.



Spring Break at Lisbon High School happens March 13-17 this year. Kids usually spend more than just 4 days on their vacations, but it is a nice break from school time. Having break times around the school year is a common theme around schools, but some schools do not spend days on breaks. I think that having break times for school is a necessary time for kids to regroup and refocus for the coming up session of school. Schools such as Alburnett do not participate in spring break activities, but only have Good Friday as a break around Easter.

How would you feel if your school completely did away with breaks? Winter, spring and summer alike. I would not be happy with this change as I look forward to these gaps as a time to catch up socially and mentally. Break time is also an important time for teachers to get some time off from spending so much time with kids. They might love their job, but this many kids can get a little hectic. In a study of 10 classmates, 100% of them said they would NOT be happy if they were not given a break.

In conclusion for this week, spring break is a fun opportunity for everyone to get a break from school near or far. To prepare for these fun times remember to pack accordingly, even if that means packing snacks to the couch. Weather you will see more sunlight or T.V. episodes make sure you embrace it because as Marjorie Pay Hinckley said “the trick is simply to enjoy life.”



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