Lions Boys Basketball Beats the Buzzer!

By Austin Krob

The Lisbon boy’s basketball team played Knights of North Cedar, a long time rival of the Lions. The Lions were coming in confident of their chances on Saturday January 28. The boys were coming to the game winning eight and losing seven. The Knights came into the game winning six and losing ten games.


The boys struggled at the beginning of the game letting the Knights to take the lead by two after the first quarter. But, after the first quarter things started to click in their heads and points started adding up. After the second quarter they had taken the lead going into halftime with a score of 31-28. Things didn’t change once they started the third quarter. The boys kept putting up points and kept the lead while heading into the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter started slowly as the Lions let the Knights get back and take a large lead of 12. The Lions kept scoring but the Knights would do so also. Thankfully Hagen Waters (SO) had swished three three-pointers in a row putting the Lions down by three with less than a minute left. Then Brett Givens (JR) had got a steal and made a simple lay-up to only go down by one with about thirty seconds left. With time winding down the Lions were forced to foul. They had fouled one of the Knights players. Luckily, the player only made one of two free-throws. After that the Lions marched it down the court quick with fifteen seconds winding down on the clock. Blake Langhurst (SR) got the ball with about three seconds left. Langhurst had juked the Knight player out of his shoes and pulled up from three. Buzzer went off, crowd was silent, then every Lion fan in the building erupted with excitement after the ball had went in and put three point on the board for the win over the Knights. The bench cleared with joy and Langhurst got lots of love after the spectacular shot.


After hitting a buzzer beater, reporters from Pride Rock Production were able to get an interview with the man himself Blake Langhurst. Langhurst said, “I saw an opportunity to make the last shot so I took my chances and put up a good shot. After I shot it I knew it was going in.” Langhurst had had a good game recording 15 points which was tied with Bailey Arwine (JR) for the most on the day.





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