McDonald’s Healthy Menu Picks

by Bryce Hasselmann

When you hear the name “McDonald’s” I’m guessing that healthy isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind. McDonald’s has a bad reputation for being historically known as extremely unhealthy for your body. Although, the food chain claims to be on a “food journey” to make positive healthy changes for its consumers. They have added healthy alternatives such as apples, oranges, or even yogurt. McDonald’s has also made efforts to improve their salad blends, eliminate artificial colors and preservatives in their chicken McNuggets, and use milk from cows with no artificial growth hormones. Despite these minor improvements, you still will find yourself very limited when it comes to finding healthy options at this fast food restaurant.

Healthy Options for Kids

For kids it is recommended that they get a Happy Meal with a 4 piece chicken McNuggets, apple slices, yogurt, and low-fat (1%) milk. The apple slices and yogurt are offered as a healthy alternative to McDonald’s fries which are extremely unhealthy. Other options include the yogurt parfait, the Southwest salad, or even a Filet-o-fish (without tartar sauce or cheese).


Healthy Options for Adults

When it comes to adults there are many options to choose from, but very few have good nutritional values. Some recommended items are the Filet-o-Fish, artisan grilled chicken sandwich, Egg McMuffin, Southwest grilled chicken salad, or Chicken McNuggets.  You want to try to stay away from the burgers as best you can, as these are some of the most unhealthy items on the menu. Another bad option are the shakes; even a small shake contains twice the daily recommendation of sugar for an adult male.

So now you know many of the unhealthy secrets when it comes to one of America’s most beloved fast food chains. Overall McDonald’s is far from the best option when it comes to eating healthy, but if you find yourself at one and are still looking for a healthy option, all of the items above are great picks.

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