Grant Thompson — “The King of Random”

by Jarryd Bedell

Backyard Scientist

If you don’t know who Grant Thompson is, he’s worth checking out.  He is an interesting guy and a youtube backyard scientist. He makes everything from homemade Charcoal using stir sticks and paint cans, to water-powered rockets. The link above shows him making charcoal out of paint sticks, sawdust and sticks found on the ground.  His motto is “The Sky’s The Limit”.  He is very knowledgeable about his experiments. Looking a little bit into his background, he is not what he seems. The past 9 years of his life he has had his own company in the real estate business and on the side he is also an airline pilot. How crazy is that!? He knows how to keep your attention.  

Be Careful!

The videos he makes are the perfect length to keep you interested.  And he always tries many different outcomes to his experiments. He does fun experiments with his kids and makes things that everyone can do. He has his own youtube channel where you can watch all of his experiments. He includes his kids in a lot of his videos and all of his projects materials are things you can find at your local hardware store.But some of his experiments may require adult supervision.  In other words, if you don’t want to get burned, know how to deal with fire and things like that.  You also need some open space to try this stuff.  If you live in a city, you’re probably out of luck.  Some of his experiments use chemicals like stump remover to make homemade rocket fuel.  You might want to wear goggles.  That’s just common sense.  He’s very sensible and knows when to take it outside. He’s not just one of those crazy people trying to be funny and ending up in the ER. He takes care and caution to make sure that everyone is safe, but he isn’t too serious, which makes it a great experiment.

I’m sure he gets lots of crap for being a nerd but in my eyes he’s a really cool dude. He is really smart and likes to have fun. I would like to spend a day with him and do a few experiments of my own. Now I know I’m not the school kind of guy but when it comes to that stuff I get really excited and I like things that go boom and stuff that goes bang. Overall I think it would be a great time and a lot of fun.



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