Pablo Picasso

by Sydney Bedell

We have been working on looking at different famous artists in painting class. I picked Pablo Picasso because his drawings aren’t really real life things. Picasso’s art was very colorful and abstract. Pablo Picasso was born October 25 1881 in Malaga, Spain. He was a painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, and a stage designer. Picasso did not attend college, all of his knowledge came from his father, who was also involved in the world of art. He traveled the world looking at landmarks to inspire his art. He decided that he wanted to paint after painting a picture of is sister in a cafe. Picasso made his mark in the design of Cubism.  

While Picasso was making his hit with Cubism art, the the common design was abstract impressionism. The U.S capital was moved from Philadelphia to Washington D.C., Ohio was outlawing slavery. These things are all happening while Picasso is being inspired by his father, who helped him start up his whole career in painting. He was also very much inspired by other famous artist such as Henri de Toulouse Lautrec and Paul Cezanne.

Picasso had an enormous influence in 20th century art and many different styles of art. He contributed a lot in the art of Cubism, as well as keeping his art work characterized and colorful to keep the eye drawn to the image. Learning a lot from his own father Jose`Ruiz y Blasco, who was a sculptor but had lots of great ideas for Picasso, he also very much made it his own. He also mixed realistic things with his own imagination to make his art different than everyone else in the era.

The Old Guitarist, was one of Picasso’s most famous paintings, and one that’s the most interesting to me. This picture is painted of a man sitting on what looks to be a concrete floor in his bare feet with old ripped clothing and he is playing his guitar. His head is tilted at a slight angle which makes you think what he might be thinking about. I like how he made the colors really blend together in this piece of art! He also could have made the colors a little more interesting.

Another one of his famous paintings is called The Weeping Women. This painting really brings out the Cubism is Picasso’s art. This image is of a woman who is crying but her tears are yellow! Her face is three different colors, and her hands are on her face. Picasso made a very big statement with this piece, it’s very abstract, as well as very realist. Some things that he could have done different with this piece of art is make it look more like what it is.

Pablo Picasso was very famous for his paintings in Cubism. He inspired lots of people including his father who helped him get started. He made big statements with each piece of art that he painted, because they are different from anything that anyone else paints.  



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