Identity Theft

by Ryley Scott

Identity theft is the fraudulent acquisition and use of a person’s private identity information, usually for financial gain. Identity theft is happening every single day to hundreds of people. If you are a victim of Identity theft then you might have suffered from a great amount of money that was lost from somebody taking it out of your accounts. What puts people at risk is letting people access your information that you do not protect. If someone was going to steal your identity they might only need three pieces of information about you. Anyone who is at risk most likely does not have their information protected where someone can not get to it.

My habits that would put me at risk to identity theft is that I have my social security number in a hidden folder on my phone; if someone found out how to access the folder then they would have my numbers to my social security and they could steal my identity. I should probably not only have my card in my hand when I go into a store. Most of the time I hold my card in my hand before I get up to the register because I like it to be fast when I get up to the register so that I do not take up that much time for someone behind me but that would be easy for someone to read the numbers on the card. I also do not cover up my pin number when I do use that, I just try and do it quick to get it over with so I am not holding up the line.

My Aunt Sandra was using her card online and someone sent her an email about her banking information and she responded to the email and provide her information. However, it was a fake. The people took out 750 dollars before she cancelled the cards and realized it was happening. She gets emails on her phone about every time her card is used but she was on vacation and was on a cruise but did not get good service on her phone so she did not get the messages on her phone until they got back from the cruise.


I could protect myself by changing some of my codes so that they would be harder to get then what they are right now like lunch number and birthdate. I think that the hidden social security thing on my phone is not a bad choice because you have to have two different sets of codes to even get into it because it’s a hidden vault that is on there but I shouldn’t probably have that on my phone because people can almost hack into anything nowadays.



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