A Very Bedell Christmas

By Sydney and Jarryd Bedell

Christmas Traditions: Sydney

Winter is full of traditions, snow, presents, and most of all well spent time with family and friends! Everyone has a their own traditions, gift ideas, snow anxiety, and ways that they spend time with family. My favorite part about winter is setting up the Christmas tree, and drinking hot chocolate after sledding on our property with cousins and siblings! In my little post this week I wanted to share a little bit of what everyone in my friends traditions are, with you!

First I’ll start out with what my twin brother and I do for the holidays, you know, since he’s in the same class with me! So some years for Christmas we go down and spend Christmas with my mom’s sister and her kids in Oklahoma, and the best perk about this is when we get there, there is no snow! Sometimes no snow makes me feel a little like it’s Christmas but it is nice because it’s not so cold! The next thing that we do is usually go shopping down there for a day or so, they have so many different stores down there than they do here! Then we finally cook a great meal and take it to my cousins house, and we all eat until we are stuffed, then afterward we sing and play music with everyone while we open gifts! That is our family Christmas!

Next up is Morgan (my boyfriend) Christmas traditions! Instead of the lunch/ dinner in which most families eat. They have a somewhat different tradition, they have BREAKFAST! ?“We wake up really early, and start cooking pancakes, sausage, bacon, toast, french toast, waffles!” ? Then his family comes over to his house and they all eat breakfast as they talk with everyone about their holiday traditions! The next step in their Christmas celebration is opening gifts, they take gift buying very seriously! Then lastly, they eat dessert play with their new gifts before taking a good ole nap!

My mom says that her Christmas was big when she was little! Her parents had lots of friends and she also had 3 sisters and each of them had a lot of friends! Her mom would make a big dinner for her and her friends and family! Then they would stuff herself until she could not eat anymore! Then they would go open Christmas gifts, then they would go and sing Christmas carols to on her father’s hayrack around the neighborhood and share the Christmas spirit with everyone!

My dad says that he had a quite simple Christmas! His father died when he was young, but he tries to make our Christmas traditions the best. My grandma always told me that she would buy each of her children a gift and then she would make a small home cooked meal and they would eat together a small family meal! He never had a good Christmas experience but he makes the best of them with his family now!

Christmas Road Trip — Jarryd

Almost every year the Bedells go on a vacation to Oklahoma.  We get up around three o’clock and get our stuff loaded into the truck.  Dad drives to Des Moines and gets coffee at the same truck stop every year.  When I wake up, I feel like I’ve been in a coffin.  The rigor mortis has set in and it feels like my ribs are going to break when I stand up.  By the way, note to self: make sure to find a way to keep your legs straight, because it hurts trying to get them back to the upright position.

The drive is roughly twelve hours, and it’s like hell. But when you get there, you can feel the change in the atmosphere.  It’s like you can smell the clay and you just know you’re in the South.  When you get there, Southern hospitality is a real thing, because when you pull in my aunt’s driveway, there is someone there to greet you.  Everyone hugs and talks for awhile.  We always go to Jimmy’s Eggs in Moore, Oklahoma for breakfast.  They have breakfast all day. This is really weird, but I always get four poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce. I also get sausage and four pancakes.  I guess four is my lucky number.  At home, we have a 4-slot toaster.  Guess how many pieces of toast I have at home? I don’t always have toast, but when I do, it’s 4 pieces.  

Speaking of Moore, OK, in 2013 a start right into the summer months, there was a tornado that ravaged Moore, destroying house and home.  It was an EF5 tornado and we saw cars that had been folded in half.  Trees were stripped of all their leaves and were just straight-up bare trunks. A lot of houses were leveled.  Nothing for miles.  The wind speeds in that tornado were over 200 miles per hour.  You should look up some images of the Moore tornado.  They are pretty devastating.  When we were down there, you could feel the sadness in the air, and people were just lost. We did enjoy helping my Oklahoma family during those bad times. We also helped several people clean up and repair their homes.  

To end off on a good note, there are a lot of fun things to do in Oklahoma–like going Christmas shopping and visiting the gun range because it usually stays pretty toasty down there. But the most fun thing of all is just spending quality time with friends and family.



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