Jarryd’s New Ride

by Jarryd Bedell

You might have read one of my previous blog posts about getting my license.  Well, things are revving up.  Pun intended.  By the time this post comes out, I’ll be riding in style. My dad saw a vehicle for sale alongside the road. He called the number and went and talked to the owner.  My dad made him an offer, and we’ll be picking it up tonight. My new ride is a 2001 Red Mazda Tribute, with heated leather seats. It’s a 4-wheel drive. It has 150,000 miles on it.

A few days later driving it really seems to be a good reliable vehicle. The heat works well; in fact, it gets so hot the turning signal burns my hand.  But at least I’ll be warm and toasty. It drives very well. I really like that it’s a four-wheel drive. It makes it much easier to get around in the winter. Our roads don’t get plowed very often in the winter.  

My parking’s a little hectic sometimes. The first time it took me a couple tries, but I’m a champ at backing in now.  I like to park a couple inches away from my sister’s driver’s side door.  But I have to stop, because if she gets mad, I get yelled at.  I find it hilarious. I also love the interior and the seats because I found out just the other day is that I can fold down the seats and if I needed to I could fit in the back even sleep in there. I really hope I never have to but I would just to say I have. I know I sound like a car salesman but it really is a nice vehicle and I am very happy to own it and take care of it.



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