GoKart Racing

by Ryley Scott

When Drayton, Austin, Jake, Clay and I went to North Carolina we went to this place called Victory Lane. This place was located in Charlotte but was about a 20 minute drive from our hotel where we were staying at. When we went there we had to register into a bunch of different computer screens and then we had to get a picture of our heads to get into the arena.

Once everyone got registered, then we had to sign a medical form that if we get hurt the track is not held responsible. After we signed the form the tall young man took us into a big walk in closet and we got to pick out our racing gear. We all got into our suits we had to wear and headed out the door. When we got into the next room we got our helmets picked out and we were ready to race! We looked on the screen and got out car assignments and we went to the car we had picked. When we sat down in our cart we had to put our helmets on and tightened the strap.

Once everyone got strapped up the man started the carts by pulling on a cord to fire up the engine; once he pulled the cord by motor fired right up and I could instantly feel the power of the cart. He helped me adjust my pedals so that I had a little bit more leg room to work with. Everyone got their engines going and I was the second person to leave my area where the carts were parked. I let off the brake and let the idle take me out of the lane, right when I got out of the lane I looked at the guy and he used a hand gesture to tell me that I could go. I pushed on the gas all the way until I got into the first turn, after that little burst of pushing the gas I realized that these little carts had a lot more power then I had thought they originally had. I drifted the corner a little too hard and almost spun out but I caught it just before it did. We raced around the tracks and some of us lapped the other people that we were racing against because we were a little bit better drivers and knew how to control our carts better than they did. When we were racing it was very fun. I had a great time when we were racing and we are all competitive so it made it more of a competition so that made it a little better because everyone was trying to do their best to beat the people we were up against!

Race carts are very fun to drive and it is fun racing them with your friends because it makes it more enjoyable to go against people that you know, I also think that if you haven’t tried doing it for fun then you should definitely try it sometime.



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