North Carolina Trip

by Ryley Scott

Drayton, Austin, Clay, Jake and I arrived at the airport in Dubuque on the 25th of November at around 9 o’clock am for our flight that was at 10:15. We got to the airport and it was really small compared to all the other airports I have ever been to. We got our bags checked through and paid for and then we went into security. when we got to security we got all of our things in the bucket and took our shoes off. When I went through the scan I was moved forward and the TSA agent said that I had been selected for a random search and pat down. At first I was kinda nervous because I knew that I didn’t have anything on me but everyone was being held up because of me. After the guy patted my legs he had me wait and they brought a scanner over to me and checked the palms of my hands. “What are you looking for?” I asked.

“Bomb residue,” he replied. After that I kind of chuckled but kept walking and sat down to wait for the flight to board. When the plane got there it was really small — the flight took around 28 minutes long and it was pretty quick.

When we got into the Chicago airport it was a lot larger than the last one we were at before. There were a bunch of terminals and a lot of little stores in the airport. The security was a lot more obvious because it was a huge airport. Finally our next flight was up and we flew into North Carolina in a much larger airplane.

Tuesday was Hornets game day! We arrived in the Spectrum center and it was crazy! It was very busy but Drayton’s brother got us really good tickets because he works for the Hornets media. We got to the front door in front of all the people because we had to get our tickets from the will call window. We were the first people in the stadium except for the people that had court-side seats. We got into the doors and were the first at the place where you go in and we got some cool white t-shirts given to the first 5,000 people to walk into the doors.

We got to our seats and they were really close to the court, and we could see all of the players warming up and being that close just made it a little bit better experience. I loved watching the game and hearing all the people in the crowd doing all the chants with the Honey Bees dance and performance team. It was really cool seeing the people that you watch on t.v. be that close to you playing in a game that you’re there to watch.

It was a very fun trip and we all had a great time down there seeing Trey, Drayton’s brother.



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