90-Day Fiancé Review

90-Day Fiancé has been a favorite show of mine for the last couple of months. The show airs every Sunday at 7pm on the TLC channel on Dish Network. 90-Day Fiancé is a show about 4 people from the U.S. that have found someone online who is not from the U.S.  Using a K-1 visa the foreigner is brought the U.S. under the condition that they have to be married in 90days and then receive a green card (rights to live in America legally). If they are not married in 90 days they are to return to their home country.

        The first person who is on 90-day Fiancé is George. He met Anfisa from Moscow, Russia, while on a trip for work. Their journey on 90-day Fiancé has not exactly what I thought it would be.  The first big fight was because George was not spending enough money on Anfisa. They got into another big fight and she keyed George’s brand new car. After this fight Anfisa wanted to go back home to Russia, but they ended up working it out and got married.

        The second person on 90-Day Fiancé is Matt; he met Allah online. Allah is from Ukraine. Allah has a son named Max; Matt and Max get along really well. When Allah moved to the U.S. she left behind her sister and nephew. Missing her sister was a big struggle for Allah. Allah got a big surprise when Matt asked her to marry him. After that news she got the good news that her sister would be coming from Ukraine to be at Allah’s wedding.

        The third person on the show is Chantel; she met Padro on vacation to the Dominican Republic; he was a lifeguard on a beach. After Chantel went through with the K-1 visa and Padro came to the U.S. They made a decision that they were going to keep the secret that they had to get married soon from Chantel’s parents. It was a long and stressful wait for both of them and caused lots of fights. They finally ended up telling Chantel’s family a week before the wedding. On their wedding day Chantel didn’t know if her parents would show up for their wedding day, but they did! Chantel was shocked.

        The last person on 90-day fiancé is Nichole. Nichole met Azan online. Azan is from Morocco, his culture is very strict and Nichole had a hard time getting used to the way his culture goes. After they talked online for a year; Nichole decided that she wanted to go to Morocco and meet Azan face to face! After 5 weeks in Morocco and 5 weeks of argument after argument and fight after fight; Azan still decided that he did love her and did want to marry her. When it came time for Nichole to leave, she was surprised that Azan didn’t act as though he was upset that she was leaving and it left her mind a little unsteady! They are still working on getting Azan’s green card.

        I think that this show has been interesting. There is lots of drama between the couples within the first couple of weeks. They all ended up staying together and going on with their marriage. You should catch up on https://www.tlcgo.com/90-day-fiance/ you wont regret it!



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