Urban Carry G2

By Jarryd Bedell

The Urban Carry G2 is the next level of firearm holsters. It  has forever changed the way we use gun holsters. it goes inside the pants and rests on the leg. You can wear it no matter your size and it is recommended that the person wears medium to loose fitting jeans. No skinny jeans while wearing the Urban Carry G2 because is will not function as well as it should.  This product is easy to conceal and the outer side of it contain a belt clip and that is all that you would see.  This is not only a great product but also has a great price for a leather product at only $69.99.  

When Urban Carry first designed it worked and looked great. it was the next level of conceal and carry holsters. There were still some flaws in the design,and people were saying that the holster was way to stiff and it was uncomfortable. It was constructed out of leather and was not very flexible.  They went back to the drawing board and created a holster that had flexibility and better design.  The leather was made softer and that helped with the flexibility and the concealing part of the design.  It now has a magnetic end in it to help with the stability of the gun while it is on you.  This will help prevent the gun from going off and you accidentally shooting yourself.

This would be a great for any family member that carries a handgun. Although I would not be able to buy it it because I am not 21 years of age, I would love to get it for my dad for Christmas and may try to convince my brother to buy it for me and that way I would be able to give it to my dad as a Christmas present.  I am not sure if my mom would wear this but I definitely would and I know that my dad, and brothers Adam and Nick would wear this as well.  

The Urban Carry G2 is available to purchase at any outdoor store such as Scheel’s, Cedar Valley Outfitters, Bass Pro, Cabela’s. I think that this case would be a good thing to have in situations where you might need it. It can come down to life or death and I think that this is the case that people should carry. It is lightweight, easy access and holds many and many types of guns. The case is designed for the gun not to fall out, you have to pull and little bit because it is for the security for the gun to not fall out.

When I grow up I think that this will be the type of case that I carry for my handgun. It will be very useful in emergency situations.



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