Brothers Are a Precious Gift

by Sydney Bedell

My brother, Nic, is a cool guy. He’s funny, very smart, and the biggest jokester I know! He always makes jokes, to make our family laugh.  He shows passion in everything that he does, and that is what is so awesome about him. He helps me with my homework, and takes me with him to town when he goes! He’s also very caring; if I am sick he will call and check in on me, or bring me soup and a card hoping that I get better soon.

When my brother was younger, he grew up in a different environment than my twin brother Jarryd and I did. My dad was going through some hard times, and my mom was struggling with that as well.  My parents weren’t  as well off as they are now as they are getting older. My brother and other older sister had to go with what my parents had.

Nic doesn’t care what others think of him. He is very true to himself and keeps his opinion to himself. He told us a story about when he was in high school, and how people always made fun of what he would always wear. Nic, wearing what my parents could afford, got bullied for it. He would walk to school in his Dickey jeans and Red Star work boots covered in horse poop, with his white short sleep shirt. At the end of his story he told me that it shouldn’t matter what ANYONE else likes or doesn’t like about you, it only matters what you like about yourself. He always says those were the best years of his life, and those moments made him who he is today.

Nic just recently got married to my now sister-in-law Thea. She completes him, and makes him the best person he can be. It was it really awesome how they got engaged, and it was really cool how he wanted my whole family to be involved in the engagement! The day that Nic proposed to Thea was really cool. My brother told her to be ready when he got home that he had found a nest of baby owls on our property below our house! So when he got home they headed off and came back crying with a ring. Thea and I get along great and are super cool!

They set the day on May 14 of this year, and the day came so quickly. It was a awesome wedding at Sutliff Cider their photographer was awesome. Visit her page and check out some of her incredible pictures!

Family has always been so important to everyone in my family. And now since my nephew was born we can all see one another a lot more! Our family all enjoys a lot of the similar things, such as hunting, music, and being around one another. It’s just the way it is and always will be!



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