School: Caring About the Future

by Ryley Scott

There are times where I personally do not like school. I think that some lessons are just times where the teachers might just give us work that just keeps us busy. In the past, I really was not the type of kid that wanted to study and wanted to get good grades because honestly I really did not care what grade I got in a class at the time. Now I actually take my time on doing stuff and I want to learn the material so that maybe there is a time or two where I can help out a friend with a certain project or problem, and I could help them learn that material so that they may remember it for an exam that they have to take later in the class.

Ever since I started to look into different career fields, I told myself that I needed to pick up my work ethic and actually start wanting to learn and starting to try to do things so that it would help me in the long run. 4th quarter of my junior year is when I made the decision to work harder. Looking back, I wish I really would have tried because I have learned that if I apply myself school is really not hard. I remember times at home or even in class where your are messing around in class watching Youtube videos the whole hour and people are starting to get done with their work and then later that night you start to put something together in a short amount of time that you have.

I hope that people going into high school will realize the importance of good grades. Looking back, I definitely would go back and work harder but I can’t. These people coming into high school will thank themselves for working hard because it will pay off in the long run. You will look back and you will not have the same regret that I do. Working hard includes asking for help when you do not understand which is something that I did not do because I felt embarrassed about making the class stop and have the teacher explain something to me, I would just go back and try and teach myself later that night.

My hope for my brothers is that they work hard because I have talked to them about what high school is like and about how I wished I would have worked hard. It really does make me feel bad about myself that I did not care, and I was just doing stuff to get by and pass the class. Now that I am trying in school I have straight A’s. Even though my classes are not that tough I still try my best to understand every single thing that is going on in the class and I try to do all of my work the right way and write everything out so that I can remember how to do everything that we do.



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