Duck and Goose Hunting Season

By Jarryd Bedell

It’s like you can feel it in the air. It’s that time of year again for the annual Bedell duck and goose hunt. It all starts when the corn starts to be taken out of the fields and the northern birds start flying back down to Iowa. Now let me tell you how the day should start. It all begins with the early mornings and the coffee, it’s a magical feeling you wake up all sleepy till you get that whiff of fresh brewed coffee up your nose. It kind of drags you out to the kitchen, BTW my dad makes the best coffee ever.

We all climb out of bed to get dressed around 4:00ish and have our coffee and crack some good morning jokes. Then we go and load the trailer up with the decoys and blinds. Then it’s off to the hunting spot. It’s usually still dark when we are setting up. Then we put out our layout blinds and climb into them and wait for the sky to brighten up. It really is a beautiful sight to see the sun come up during those crisp mornings. This still isn’t the best part of my story.

We lie in our blinds and wait to see those big majestic birds honking and flying through the sky towards us.Tension is building up inside you as they get closer, by this time all your thinking about is shooting those birds. Eventually if you’re lucky enough they will fly right over you. That’s when you’ll hear somebody yell “TAKE ‘EM!”. We sit up in our blinds and start shooting but not for very long. In the state of Iowa you are only allowed to have 3 shells in your gun at a time. That means one in the chamber two in the tube. You are only allowed 2 geese a per person per day.  It’s a bummer I know, but to me that is not what hunting is about. It’s about having fun with your family and getting out in nature and sharing good times with those you love.

I cherish the time I spend outdoors with my parents and friends because someday when I have a family of my own i’m not going to be able to go out as much. It’s a wonderful life to live outdoors and take in what’s out there.



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