The Curse is Over

by Ryley Scott

This is the year that true Cub fans have been waiting for since 1908. The Cubs just won the World Series in Major League baseball! It has been a long wait for many and many of fans but the Cubs finally got the job done! The Cubs recently just came off a World Series win over the Cleveland Indians in an exciting game seven.

After game 4 Cleveland was ahead 3-1 in the series only needing to win one game in order to win the Championship. Cleveland had a dominating performance over the Cubs with their starting pitcher Corey Kluber having nine strikeouts in just four inning, allowing only four hits and no walks. After this game one I thought there was no way we could beat this pitcher if they ever faced him again but the Cubs shocked the world.

Game five was a big one for the Cubs to get back on the winning streak that lead them to the championship winning only 3-2. Game six was a little bit different for the Cubbies which they won 9-3. Starting with Kris Bryant’s homerun in the first inning to get things kicked off. Following was teammate Anthony Rizzo’s 2 run homerun along with Addison Russell’s grand slam that got the Cubs out to a seven to zero lead.

I thought that the Cubs were going to win the Series since they won against the tough Giants team. After that I just had a feeling that something big like this would happen. There has been so many strange things that have been going on this season that makes sense now. The Cubs, who last won the World Series in 1908, have gone 108 years without a championship. Hendricks’ birthday is Dec. 7, 1989. If you do the math 12 + 7 + 89 = 108 which is how many years ago the Cubs last won a World Series Championship.

Game seven was the last time Cubs catcher David Ross was ever going to play before his retirement. David Ross came into the game catching for Jon Lester after Maddon took out his starting pitcher Hendricks. David Ross worked around a wild pitch that scored two runs but came back to the dugout and was the second batter to be faced by Indians pitcher. After having one out it was Ross with a 1-1 count, Ross saw the pitch came into the zone and he turned on it and drove the ball over the fence for a solo homerun to put the Cubs on there way to be victorious.

Chapman came into the game in the 8th inning and was just not himself out there on the mound due to being over worked in the previous two games but he worked out of giving up 3 runs in just one inning and two thirds which would bring Carl Edwards Jr. to the mound. Edwards got the Cubs out of a potentially dangerous situation getting a ground ball to Bryant to Rizzo for a 5-3 out to end the game.

The Cubs have been one of the teams that always seems to come together when they really need to the most. I love watching the Cubs and watching them Win the World Series, it was a very exciting game that had me on my feet.




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