3rd Grade Prom Party Sparkles with Fun

by Mrs. Kibbie

It was not a typical Friday in Mrs. Kelly Robertson’s third grade class. Students came to school dressed in their finery, the girls sporting dresses with sequins and fancy boots, and the boys in shirts, vests, and ties.

The students, no doubt, received a few curious looks on the bus, or on the way to school, but they strode through the halls with confident smiles nevertheless. Today was their much-anticipated Prom Party.


Red Tickets

The class earned their special day by collecting 15 red tickets for good behavior and citizenship. Tickets are given when students are “caught being good” and can be traded in for prizes and privileges. Mrs. Robertson’s class pooled their tickets and declared that they wanted a party.

The next question… what would be the theme?


A Touch of Class…

After brainstorming a bit, the class decided on the theme of a “fancy day,” which quickly morphed into a prom theme. The students pooled their resources and came up with many decorations for the classroom, including streamers, a cozy corner, king and queen crowns, and a shimmering disco ball. Students also loaned their peers dress up items so everyone could participate and look sharp.

A Royal Affair

Of course, no prom would be prom without a king and queen! And a prince and princess, as it happens. The students voted on who they wanted to receive the illustrious crown based on outfit choice and strength of character. The winners were:

King: Caleb Ross

Queen: Isley Kirk

Prince: Bryce Boots

Princess: Jordin McFarlane

Congratulations to Mrs. Robertson’s class on collecting 15 red tickets, and coming up with a fun and original way to enjoy their reward! Now, in just a few more years, these sharp dressers will be headed to their actual prom… time does fly!



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One thought on “3rd Grade Prom Party Sparkles with Fun

  1. What a fun day for the 3rd grade and congratulations, Mrs. Robertson, for helping make a special time for these 3rd graders to always remember.


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