All around the world there are animals waiting to be adopted! When you adopt an animal, you give him/her a new life! They are just waiting to be loved and taken care of at a good home. Here are some sites that I think are the best adopting sites! (:



Petfinder is a great site that you can find many different types of animals around you! You plug in what type of animal you’re looking for, the breed, gender, age, and your location. Then you hit find pets and it gives you a list of animals available for adoption!


Adopt A Pet

Adopt A Pet is similar to Petfinder but is still a really good adoption website!



This is also a similar site, but also good!


All Paws

Another great site!

Having trouble picking a breed of a cat or dog? Animal Planet has a couple great shows on all breeds of cats and dogs! Click here for dog breeds and click here for cat breeds!

If you have trouble finding a pet you like online, you can always check out the shelters or adoption centers near you. Most towns will have a place for people to find a pet they would love to take home.

You could also find people who breed animals. Animal breeders breed animals at their home and take care of them and sell them to people who will care for them for money. These breeds can be more expensive and delicate. You could also become a breeder if you would like!

Maybe you’re not into having a pet, but would love to help out! You can apply to work at a shelter, be a pet nanny, work at a zoo/wildlife center, do research and history on animals, or even become a vet! You can help spread the word to get animals adopted and taken care of. Helping goes a long way no matter where you’re from!

Adopting a pet is special and fun! Choose carefully and start adopting today!! (:



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