Justin Moore

by Jarryd Bedell

The Greatness that is Justin Moore

Justin Moore is a great country music artist.  I’ve been to one of his concerts with my brother. The concert was at the US Cellular Center.  Justin Moore opened with “Small Town USA”.  I felt like he was talking about Lisbon.  In fact, one of his songs talks about Des Moines, Iowa. It goes like this, “Up there in Des Moines they knew my songs line by line. As I stood there in the fake smoke another dream came true that night.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_sh06HLXZ8 I think he really loves the small town feel of good ol’ Iowa. No better place to be country than here in the cornfields, driving your truck around.  Am I right?

Small Town Guy

Justin Moore truly is from a small town, so he kind of understands how it was we all grew up. He started performing when he was a junior in high school. Right after that he moved to Nashville to join his uncle’s band. When he was in Nashville he met some producers who helped him get started. The interesting thing about his first record was that it was part of a special promotion called “So You Want to Be a Record Label Executive.” How it worked was that they put his songs on social media and people vote on it. Top 10 songs go on his record label. His first album was number 3 on the charts. His first concert was in his hometown Poyen, Arkansas.

His first tour was in a lot of small towns. He did lots of acoustic shows for Walmarts across the nation.

You Look Like I Need a Drink

His new album is called “You Look Like I Need A Drink”.  I’ve heard all the songs on it and my favorite song is “Kinda Don’t Care”.  He’s talking about trying to be good — like going to church or watching his weight and then just deciding to let it go.  The new album sold over 20,000 copies in its first week.  The song, “You Look Like I Need A Drink” debuted at No. 34 on Hot Country Songs and N. 14 on Country Digital Songs.  

If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away

One of my favorite songs that he does is “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away.” It will make you cry.  It just talks about all the people he knew that have passed away and how he would go for the day to visit them, and all the things he would ask them or talk to them about.  He would ask Hank Williams why he took those pills back in ‘83 and he would also pack up his kids and let them hang out with their great-grandpa.  It’s just a great song, You can pick his newest album up in stores today the album is called “You Look Like I Need a Drink”



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