by Ryley Scott

Hunting is one of my favorite things to do. I love spending time outdoors, especially with something that my family and I enjoy. I think that hunting is one of the sports that requires you to be: patient, accurate, quiet, and sometimes even being stealthy.

My favorite type of hunting is bow hunting. Bow hunting takes more skill to do than hunting with a gun. You have to have the deer get closer to you, you can not shoot as far, you have to make sure that the deer can not smell you so you have to have a lot of scent away stuff for all of your gear. You have to take much more time to shoot your bow and make sure your pins are set how you want them to be set. You need lots and lots of practice to be able to make a clean kill on your deer. If you hit a deer in a lung then you could be tracking it for miles because they can be alive up to 6 days on a small lung shot.

Getting into your stand and being in the timber while the sun comes up or down is one of the best things about hunting. I think it is absolutely beautiful to hear the birds chirping and see the squirrels running around in the timber.

In order to have a good chance at getting a deer you need to be able to scout the deer. You need to set up trail cameras to capture pictures of what types of deer are where you want to hunt and how big the deer are.

I think that tracking and scouting deer are really fun to do. I think knowing where the deer move to is crucial. You need to know where to put your deer stands and what angles that they need to be at in order to get a good chance at getting a good shot at a deer.

After getting a good shot on a deer you need to be able to track the deer. Tracking starts with finding a blood trail. Once you find a good blood trail then you just keep following that. You need to have a good idea of where the nearest creeks and streams are, if you know this a see a deer take off directly towards the waterway then you could have potentially hit a double lung shot and it is going to go to the water to drink some water. I think that it is pretty fun to find blood and track it until you come up upon a deer, I really like tracking deer at night because all you look for is red blood during your tracking process.


I can not wait to be out in the timber early in the mornings and watching the sunset from a stand. I am hoping to kill a big deer this year and have make a bunch of deer sticks and jerky.



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