DIY College Dorm Decor

by Rachael Tenley

When you move into a college dorm, you usually can’t do much to the place. You can’t fit everything in because it’s such a small room, plus you are most likely sharing it with someone. So, with that being said, I have selected a few DIY college decor to spice up your gloomy dorm room, without taking up too much space or going against the rules!

For some fun and cool looking light in your room, you can have ping pong lights! Just buy some christmas lights (color of your choosing) but they MUST be LED. If they are not LED, they will burn the ping pongs. Then, buy white ping pong balls (one ball for each light). You will also need an exacto knife. When making this, all you have to do is cut a big enough X onto the ping pong ball and stick the light into the X. If it has a label on the ball then put the X there to cover it up for a nicer look. You can place the lights around anyway you’d like or if you wish to hang them, put adhesive hooks on the walls. Light ‘em up and enjoy!


The next easy, but creative DIY you can do is this! Print out photos or even pictures from the internet that you like. Then, clothes pin them to a string. You can put up the adhesive hooks again to put on the wall and tie the ends of the string to them. Now you have a little photo gallery of moments of your life or things that mean something to you to show off!


Lastly, having a plant in your room can be difficult because you’re always on the go so you don’t have time to take the proper care of it. For this DIY, you will need a plant pot, some paint and paint brushes, little rocks/pebbles, and a fake plant of your choice. First paint your pot to the design and colors of your choosing, and then add you fake plant into the pot. Now, fill up the remaining space with the rocks/pebbles. Now you have a plant that will never die and keep the earthy life vibe in your dorm room!


I hope this college dorm decor inspo has helped you get ideas to spice up your room! Good luck in college, and happy DIYing! (;



This is the blog run by the Writing for Media class.

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