Hurricane Matthew

by Bethany Montgomery

Where And When Did Hurricane Matthew Form?

Hurricane Matthew did not originally form along any of the United States Coasts. It formed near the Windward Islands along the coast of Africa from a tropical wave. This hurricane began its formation on September 26, 2016. A few short days later, it made its way into the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane Matthew rapidly intensified after it hit the eastern coast of the Caribbean and actually became a hurricane.

After it reached it peak on October 1st and becoming a category 5 hurricane, it reached Haiti and the eastern coast of Cuba. This is when Matthew eased up a tiny bit to become a category 4 hurricane. It then reached to a category 3 along the coast of the Bahamas on October 5th and 6th. It finally reached the coasts of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina as a category 1 hurricane on October 8th, 2016.


What Damage Did Hurricane Matthew Leave?

Around 933 deaths were caused by Hurricane Matthew along its path between Africa and the U.S. This hurricane left behind immense flooding leaving people with nothing. This flooding took away people’s homes. It left communities needing help with housing, food, clothing, and medical care. There were threats of cholera, a disease caused by bacteria that produce a watery diarrhea that can rapidly lead to dehydration, and many other water-borne diseases.

Trees had fallen on houses, buildings, and roads. Homes got flooded out, debris was covering every inch of the ground in Haiti. Roofs were torn apart shingle by shingle. Unless your house was made of cement, it was torn down. People had to live in shelters because everything they had was completely destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.


Who Is Helping These Hurricane Victims?

The St. Boniface Haiti Foundation (SBHF) continues to provide medical care to those affected by Matthew through the St. Boniface Hospital, one of the top clinics in Haiti. The group was founded in the 1980s and operates a number of medical programs in its hospital. Prodev is another group that is a non-profit, non-political foundation that the Haitian government officially recognizes. Prodev manages and supports local schools and community centers. In the wake of Matthew, the group is working with its local partners to ensure that the disaster provides a minimal interruption to children’s educations. Fankoze is a micro-finance institution in Haiti that provides financial and developmental aid to alleviate poverty, especially through working with women. The group is working to continue all local services after Matthew and help fund its local partners to fight disease and provide clean water. These are just a few organizations that are helping people recover from Hurricane Matthew.


How Can You Help?

You can donate to The Salvation Army, The American Red Cross, Save the Children, Global Giving, Convoy of Hope, or the Humane Society. You can also volunteer your time with Volunteer Florida, The United Way of South Carolina, or the Red Cross. You can also donate blood, make sure friends and family are okay and safe, and you can also listen to the communities in the aftermath of this devastating hurricane.





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