The Chicago Cubs

by Ryley Scott

This year the Chicago Cubs are having the season that all Cubs fans have been waiting for. The Cubs are currently 103-58 and are the top team in the National League Central.

I love going to watch the Cubs play. Recently, my family and I, along with my friend Drayton and his family, went to Wrigley Field to watch them. We drove a huge van up to watch the game and it was a really great time. The atmosphere is incredible. You just feel really into the game and excited for what is going to happen next.

I think being in a stadium like the Cubs is just all around cool to me. The time, energy and effort that is put in by the staff and crew members is amazing. From mowing the outfield and infield grass to perfection, to racking and chalking up the diamond for the game. The grass in the outfield looks really good at whatever angle you are looking at it, the chalk lines are very straight and the infield looks very good and well maintained.

Being the top team in the League will bring fans, and the Cubs players fan interactions are some of the best in the Major League. Cubs fans are almost always associating with a fan before, during or after the game. It just makes people want to go and watch them even more.

Chicago Cubs Won MLB Division Series against San Francisco Giants in a series 3-1. I think that this could be the year that the Chicago Cubs go all the way and win the World Series. I think that this is the team the fans have been wanting to see for the past couple years and i think that it is the best team that they have had since 2008. In 2008 their winning percentage was .602, now in 2016 there winning percentage is .640.

My hope is that the Cubs do go far this year because I have been paying attention a lot more than I have in the previous years. Baseball is my favorite sport and I love watching the Cubs do really good against some of the good teams that they play.

Jake Arrieta and Anthony Rizzo are my favorite players of the Chicago Cubs. Jake Arrieta is a starting pitcher and Anthony Rizzo is the starting first baseman. Arrieta had a 0.75 ERA, 55 hits allowed and 113 strikeouts in 107.1 innings in the second half last year which led him to winning the NL Cy Young Award. Rizzo was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in April 2008. Rizzo went through chemotherapy for 6 months until the he finally beat cancer. Two years later, Rizzo was drafted to the Boston Red Sox. Rizzo then later became a young star winning three all-star awards.


I hope that this is the season that everyone has been waiting for and I hope that the Chicago Cubs actually do win the World Series. I would be so happy!  



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