M&M’s! 75 Years of Chocolatey Fun

by Jarryd Bedell

The Mars Company

Since it is the 75th year since M&M’s were introduced to the world in 1941. I figured I’d talk a little more about this delicious candy. M&M’s is  a partner with MARS, which also makes Snickers, Skittles and Starburst. Mars, Incorporated headquarters are in McLean, Virginia.  This company is entirely owned by the Mars family.  I wonder if everyone in the Mars family still has their teeth.  They make an average of $33 billion every year.  Of course, they make a lot more than just M&M’s. That’s enough to replace some teeth if they need to. But we might not ever know because the Mars family is notoriously private and secret.  


The founder of MARS is Franklin Clarence Mars. The company was started in 1911– that would be about 105 years ago. He started the company selling candy at age 19. His mother taught him how to make his own hand-dipped candy at the age of 8. He started the candy factory in 1911 with his wife. The Milky Way was inspired by a popular chocolate shake at the time and they made a candy bar using the same concept.The company has just recently gone from family leadership to non-family leadership. The family is still on the board of directors. Mars has a great reputation for training their employees and managers.

That sounds good!

But back to M&M’s–they are a delicious candy made of chocolate and have an outer candy shell. There are many different varieties, of which I will only mention a few: peanut butter, peanut, pretzel, crispy and dark chocolate.  There are some crazy ones you can find online: strawberry, orange, white chocolate, pumpkin spice latte, coconut, honey nut, and even chile nut.  You can even order M&M’s in custom colors.  I’ve seen them at graduation parties in the colors of the college that they are going to.  Mars also makes cat food and dog food but no need to worry; they make it without chocolate so your pets can enjoy a treat to.

 The dangerous side of this delicious candy…

I have a little fun fact for you: M&M’s can get stuck up your nose if you push them in far enough. Eventually the heat from up in your nose will melt the chocolate.  Then you’ll have brown and green stuff dripping out.  How do I know this?  Because I did this when I was a little kid.  So I say to parents and children everywhere:  these delicious discs are not a toy — only food.  Be cautious, please. Also, does anyone know if a pet can become sick or die from chocolate?



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