Top Six Warm-Weather Getaways 2016

We have hit October; soon there will be snow, so warm whether is where you wanna be! When it’s warm it’s fun to look at warm places, check out this site!

#6 The Florida Keys


Average January High 74º

The island of Little Palm is only accessible by boat or sea planes. Little Palm Island Resort and Spa guarantees all the privacy you will ever need. Little Palms holds 15 bungalows, each of which houses two suits and is topped with a manicured mop of thatch. Each bungalow also includes a mosquito netted porch where you can enjoy the salty air while listening to the water wash on the shore. Enjoy the quiet this little island in the Florida Keys.

#9 Uruguay


Average January High 83º

Posada Del Faro is filled with fishing villages and beautiful beaches. Uruguay is filled with amazing restaurants and small boutiques. Posada Del Fargo is a skip, hop, and jump from the beach, that’s convenient, know! Uruguay is known for their amazing lighthouses, so head here and have a fair share of just about everything you could ask for.

#8 Bahamas


Average January High 77º

Bahamas is the full experience, especially at the Deep Water Cay Resort. This resort offers private fishing clubs which specially caters to those who love stalking the areas for fish. The Deep Water Cay Resort is also known for their amazing offers at the spa. This resort is perfect for anyone!

#7 Peru


Average January High 80º

Peru, miles of sand dunes, home of high cliffs, plus it is filled with wildlife from the Galapagos. While in Peru visit the Hotel Paracas, it’s the perfect luxury hotel, consisting of two swimming pools, and a spa. While your stay in Peru try their guided journeys to the Ballestas Islands and into Paracas National Reserve. Some activities you might want to look into are sandboarding, tented dinner in the middle of the sand dunes, and sightseeing flights about the amazing Nazca Lines.

#6 Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico


Average January High 85º

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, is truly an oasis, just the buzzing of golf carts on the white sandy streets. Along the streets are brightly colored shacks, where you can get a drink and snack to  share. This spot is perfect for you if you love lazy kayaking and spotting sea turtles, and miles and miles of lagoon waves, this is the place for you!

#5 Curacao


Average January High 84º

Santa Barbra Beach & Golf Resort features 1,500 feet of white sand on Curacao’s southern shore. The city of Willemstad, is just 40 miles north of Venezuela. It is filled with Easter egg colored buildings, and the streets are brick and lined with hundreds of historic buildings. This island is home to almost 30 different beaches. If you like to share a liking in beaches and history this is the place for you!



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