Tragedy for Baseball Fans

Marlins Major League baseball rookie star Jose Fernandez was involved in a fatal boat crash September 25th 2016. Fernandez and two other people died when the 32 foot vessel capsized. Authorities say that none of the people involved were wearing life jackets at the time of the crash. U.S. Coast Guard pronounced all people involved deceased upon arrival to the incident.

Jose, one of the Marlins star pitcher was born in Cuba. Fernandez tried to come into the United States four times. One time he rescued his mother who had fallen overboard, they then waited in Mexico at a smuggler’s house until they took a bus into Texas. Jose failed three other times while trying to come over in his younger days to follow his father’s footsteps. He was caught and was sent to jail with some of the other older and harder criminals. Jose’s grandmother was one of his best influences; she taught him a lot about life and a lot about the sport he became so passionate about. Baseball is one thing that his grandmother and he spent a lot of time on when he was younger. She would play catch with him every single day and she would also take him to many baseball games that the local Cuban team had.

Jose Fernandez is said to be one of the best players to watch when he is performing. Jose was one of those guys that would interact with fans and sign hundreds and hundreds of autographs before each game to pass time. He would carry a notepad in his back pocket before every single game and when a younger kid wanted his autograph he would always say “if I can have yours in return,” this made such an impact on people that he started being one of the most liked baseball players in the league.

Jose made his Major League debut in 2013; he continued four seasons with the Miami Marlins and captured a record of 38 and 17. He had made some of the best performances by a rookie baseball player in history.

Jose will be remembered; he will be remembered by his teammates, his family, his friends, people he has inspired, and people that looked up to him as a role model. I loved watching Fernandez, when he was out there he played with a lot of good emotion. He would encourage people, he would smile and he would laugh. He was not in it for money or the fame. Jose was a very passionate and committed baseball player. He will be greatly missed by many.



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