Best Scary Movies to Watch for Halloween

by Rachael Tenley

Looking for some scary movies to watch this Halloween season? Well I’ve came up with 36 movies to satisfy your spooky movie cravings!

Let’s start off with some original, creepy (but a little cheesy), old Halloween movies.

*OLDIES (10)*

Rosemary’s Baby – 1968 – Rated R. A young wife becomes to believe that her unborn child is not of this world. Her husband and her move to an apartment in New York City with an ominous reputation and odd neighbors.When she becomes pregnant, she becomes very isolated and the real truth isn’t discovered until after Rosemary gives birth.

The Exorcist – 1973 – Rated R. This movie takes place in Georgetown where a mother and her daughter live. When the mother realizes her child is acting very strange, she looks for help until she find a couple priests who have to perform an exorcism on the child.

The Omen – 1976 – Rated R, Damien: Omen II – 1978 – Rated R, Omen III: The Final Conflict – 1981 – Rated R, and Omen IV: The Awakening – 1991 – Rated R. When a man’s wife delivers a stillborn child, he adopts a son. But people start to die more and more when the son (Damien) is around. Robert begins to wonder if Damien is the antichrist.

Halloween – 1978 – Rated R, Halloween II – 1981 – Rated R, Halloween III: Season of the Witch – 1982 – Rated R, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers – 1988 – Rated R, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers – 1989 – Rated R, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers – 1995 – Rated R, and Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, Halloween: Resurrection – 1998 – Rated R. When a six year old boy named Michael Myers brutally kills his 17 year old sister and is sentenced to jail for 15 years escapes, he returns to his home town on Halloween night to pick his next victims.

A Nightmare on Elm Street – 1984 – Rated R, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge – 1985 – Rated R, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors – 1987 – Rated R, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master – 1988 – Rated R, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child – 1989 – Rated R, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare – 1991 – Rated R, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare – 1994 – Rated R, Freddy vs. Jason – 2003 – Rated R, and A Nightmare on Elm Street – 2010 – Rated R. A disfigured mangler named Freddy Krueger has the power to haunt victims in their dreams and if they get hurt, or worse, killed, they become so in real life as well.

The Shining – 1980 – Rated R. A man (Jack), his wife, and his son all go to a hotel where he can write. His son begins to have psychic premonitions and eventually Jack discovers the dark secrets of the hotel and begins to unravel into a homicidal maniac hell-bent on terrorizing his family.

Poltergeist – 1982 – Rated PG, and 2015 – Rated PG-13. When a family moves into a new home, their youngest begins to talk to an imaginary friend, or so they think. The youngest child is then held captive by the evil spirits and it is up to the rest of the family and a team of parapsychologists to get her back.

Stephen King’s It – 1990 – Unrated. 7 friends encountered a demon clown when they were kids. Now 30 years later, they have to face him again.

The Silence of the Lambs – 1991 – Rated R. An attractive young woman, Clarice Starling, is a top student at the FBI Academy. She is asked to interview Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a brilliant psychiatrist but also a violent psychopath, who is serving life behind bars for murder and cannibalism. But the thing is, Starling just may be the bait to draw him out.

Alien – 1979 – Rated R, Aliens – 1986 – Rated R, Alien3 – 1992 – Rated R, Alien: Resurrection – 1997 – Rated R, and Prometheus – 2012 – Rated R. In space, a crew is awakened by an Alien spaceship. When they investigate on the ship to find Alien eggs, one jumps out and latches onto a crew member, putting him into a coma.

Next we will move on to the not too scary, but still pretty creepy, PG-13’s.


The Others – 2001 – Rated PG-13. A mother moves to the English coast with her two children awaiting for her husband to return from World War II. She has to keep her children safe from a rare disease that causes them to be hurt by the sun. As strange as things are already, they start to get stranger and stranger as the daughter suspects supernatural events are happening.

The Ring – 2002 – Rated PG-13. When the newspaper reporter Rachel Keller is curious about four teenagers’ deaths after they watch a tape. She lets her investigation skills and curiosity get the better of her and gets ahold of the tape to watch herself. She then has only seven days to unravel the mystery and possibly save her own life.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose – 2005 – Rated PG-13. The Reverend Moore is prosecuted for the death of a girl who was thought to be demonically possessed. A prosecuting attorney contends that the young woman suffered from schizophrenia and should’ve been medically treated. Meanwhile a defense lawyer believes that Emily’s condition cannot be explained by science alone.

The Skeleton Key – 2005 – Rated PG-13. Caroline, a nurse, quits her job and is hired by a woman to take care of her husband who has just had a stroke. She begins to explore the couple’s mansion and discovers strange artifacts and learns that the house has a mysterious past. As she continues to investigate, she learns that the wife Violet, may be hiding the real reason behind her husband Ben’s illness.

1408 – 2007- Rated PG-13. Mike is an author who likes to prove the supernatural isn’t real, that is until he checks into the Dolphin Hotel. When he ignores the warnings of the hotel manager, he learns what the real definition of terror when he spends the night in a reputedly haunted room.

Insidious – 2010 – Rated PG-13, Insidious Chapter 2 – 2013 – Rated PG-13, and Insidious Chapter 3 – 2015 – Rated PG-13. These movies are about families who are possessed or haunted viciously by evil spirits and must seek help.

The Woman In Black – 2012 – Rated PG-13, and The Woman In Black: Angel of Death – 2014 – Rated PG-13. These two movies are based on a creepy woman who is an evil spirit who wishes to cause harm, seek revenge, and scare your socks off.

The Possession – 2012 – Rated PG-13. When their youngest daughter finds an antique box at a garage sale, she becomes obsessed over it. Her parents thinking it’s little cause for alarm, are proved wrong when their daughter Em becomes increasingly unstable and the parents believe there is an evil spirit in the box, possessing their daughter.

The Visit – 2015 – Rated PG-13. When a mother sends her children to see her parents (their grandparents) who they’ve never met, it all starts to seem pretty fishy on their stay there.

The Boy – 2016 – Rated PG-13. A young American girl takes a nanny job for an 8-year-old  boy in an English village. Greta then learns that the boy is a life sized doll that the couple has used to cope with the death of their son 20 years ago. But when Greta violates the list of rules on how to take care of him while the parents are gone, a series of creepy events bring her worst fears to life, which leads her to believe the doll just might be alive.

Lights Out – 2016 – Rated PG-13. When Rebecca leaves home, she thinks her childhood fears are behind her. When she was young, she wasn’t really sure what was real in the dark. Now, when her little brother is experiencing the same unexpected and terrifying events, they find out that this supernatural entity has returned with a vengeance to torment the entire family.

The Forest – 2016 – Rated PG-13. After learning her twin disappears in Japan, a young American girl named Sara becomes determined to find her. She finds out that her sister went into the legendary Aokigahara Forest, located at the base of Mount Fuji. After being warned to “stay on the path”, her investigation plunges her into a dark world where angry and tormented souls prey on those who dare to enter the forest.

Finally, the most scary of them all, the horrifying rated R’s.


Final Destination – 2000 – Rated R, Final Destination 2 – 2003 – Rated R , Final Destination 3 – 2006 – Rated R, The Final Destination – 2009 – Rated R, and Final Destination 5 – 2011 – Rated R. When someone has a vision of their death along with others, they all try to cheat death. Death of course, does not like this. As death starts to catch back up to the people who got away with it, it’s up to them to stay alive.

Silent Hill – 2006 – Rated R, and Silent Hill: Revelation – 2012 – Rated R. Silent Hill is an eerie town surrounded by a potent darkness that people travel through a portal to in reality. It’s up to the one’s who become trapped to defeat and escape the place.

Dead Silence – 2007 – Rated R. After his wife is killed terribly, Jamie returns to their creepy hometown of Ravens Fair to unravel the mystery of her murder. Once he arrives, he discovers the legend of Mary Shaw, who was a murdered ventriloquist whose presence still remains over the town and could be the cause of his wife’s death.

The Mist – 2007 – Rated R. After a powerful storm damages a town in Maine, David Drayton and his young son go to get food and supplies. Soon after, a thick fog rolls in and engulfs the town, trapping the Draytons and others in the grocery store. Many deadly creatures reveal themselves outside and a zealot calls for a sacrifice.

Orphan – 2009 – Rated R. After losing their unborn child, Kate and John decide to adopt a child. They are both drawn to a girl named Esther and take her home. But as a series of events take place, Kate starts to suspect that there might be something evil lurking behind Esther.

The Raven – 2012 – Rated R. When a murder occurs that is based on Edgar Allan Poe’s stories, and then happens again, Detective Emmett Fields seeks Poe’s help on catching the serial killer. The stakes become even more personal when the serial killer threatens to kill someone close to Edgar.

Sinister – 2012 – Rated R, and Sinister 2 – 2015 – Rated R. When someone watches the old tapes of people being murdered, a supernatural force comes out to influence the watcher. It’s up to the rest of the family to save the one who’s been consumed by the evil, and their own lives as well.

The Conjuring – 2013 – Rated R, and The Conjuring 2 – 2016 – Rated R. The Conjuring Series is about a couple that goes around and helps people get through supernatural horrors that are intensely terrifying.

Mama – 2013 – Rated R. After Lilly and Victoria vanish into the woods after their parents death, their Uncle (Lucas) and his girlfriend (Annabel) try to find them. Five years later, the girls are found in a decaying cabin, and Lucas and Annabel welcome them into their home. But as they try to get them into their normal life, they feel something, or someone, still wants to be the one to take care of the girls.

Oculus- 2013 – Rated R. Haunted by their parents violent demise 10 years earlier, adult siblings Kaylie and Tim are now struggling to rebuild their relationship. Kaylie suspects that the cause of their parents death is their antique mirror, known as the Lasser Glass. The seeming harmless reflections contain a supernatural force that infects the mind that gazes into it. As they become closer to finding out the truth, the siblings become caught in the mirror’s spell.

Annabelle – 2014 – Rated R. John Form thinks he’s found the perfect gift for his wife: a vintage doll. But on a terrible night, devil worshipers invade their home and try to attack the couple. The cultists then try to summon a demon, and smear blood onto the nursery wall, along with the doll, turning it into a conduit for ultimate evil.

The Taking of Deborah Logan – 2014 – Rated R. Mia records the daily lives of Deborah, who is getting alzheimer’s, and her daughter Sarah, who has been taking care of Deborah as part of her thesis. As the days go by, Deborah starts to act strange and it seems as though something has taken control of her.

Last Shift – 2014 – Rated R. When a rookie cop’s first solo shift in a closing station takes place, it turns into a living nightmare. Jessica then has to tell from what is real and unreal, and how to escape this mind playing evil presence.

Creep – 2014 – Rated R. Aaron replies to an ad online and drives to a stranger’s house to film him all day. The man wishes to make a video for his unborn child. But as the filming goes on, his requests become more bizarre.


I hope you enjoyed this list of creeping, but thrilling movies! Happy watching, and most of all, Happy Halloween!(:



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