Fall Fun

by Jarryd Bedell

Pumpkin Carving

I love everything about fall, from candy corn to pumpkin carving. Some of my favorite moments are going out to the pumpkin patch and finding the most ginormous pumpkin — one so big you could float down the Mississippi in it. There are so many designs you can carve. Last year I did the Browning logo, a his and hers design.  When I was little I usually just carved the plain old jack o’lantern.  After we scrape all the innards out of the dead pumpkin, we wash the brains and then spread the seeds out evenly on a cookie sheet.  With a little salt for flavor, we end up with a great snack: roasted pumpkin seeds!!

Piles of Leaves

I like raking up piles of leaves and jumping in them.  I sound like a child.  But hey, everyone has an inner child that comes out when the weather turns cool.  I mean,who doesn’t like a big ‘ol pile of leaves. Or some baked goods fresh out of the oven with a hot cup of cocoa that you can warm up your cold little hands with after you’ve been out in the chilly air.

Corn Mazes

I also love going through corn mazes, I might be a little old for that but it takes me back to when I was a little kid.  The best corn maze is at Kroul Farm in Mount Vernon.  I hope the flooding doesn’t affect their corn maze this year.  What’s fun about the corn maze is when you go at night and you feel the cold breeze.  It’s almost like the breeze becomes like the suspenseful chills that go down your spine when you are being chased by someone.  

Terror in the Timber

I seriously do not like haunted houses.  Last year I went to Terror in the Timber.  They load you up on a hayrack, take you to the bottom of the road where the woods begin and drop you off at the start of some trail.  A witch at the bottom of the trail tells you to have a good time, and you’re off.  On the trail you can expect ghosts, zombies, clowns, pumpkins, a guy with a chainsaw and some pirate on a ship screaming “Aaaaargh!”  I was walking along and someone tried to grab my leg, so I turned around and punched some guy.  I kept walking and finished the trail. I went and sat in the car and laid back against the seat and just had to breathe. We went back home and went to Happy Joe’s for dinner.
Overall I think that Fall and Halloween are the best time of years because it is not too cold but not to hot and it makes for great squirrel hunting weather.   



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