by Ryley Scott

More and more rain has brought more and more flooding into the local areas. The 2008 flood devastated Cedar Rapids; this was the worst flood in the city’s history. When the flood of 2008 was here, it brought waters as high as 17 feet above the “flood stage.” This was a record high, crushing the previous high by 12 feet! About 8,000 people were evacuated from their homes, and 5,500 went without any electricity. Most people were at a lost because none of them thought to buy flood insurance for their homes.

There were 423 boat rescues combined from all of the local firefighters and emergency evacuation crews. It took more than $500 million to repair and rebuild after all of the flooding. The flooding of 2008 was one of the top 6 worst natural disasters we have had in the United States: Hurricane Katrina $8.2 billion, 9/11 Terrorist Attack $4.6 billion, Earthquake in California $4.2 billion, Hurricane Ike $1.5 billion, Floods and Tornadoes in Iowa $848 million.


These records and highs are very sad. Most people could not afford to rebuild; those that did are not so lucky because it is coming again. News reports and residence along with apartment evacuations are being performed because of all of the flooding. There are numerous road closures, along with many items being lost already.

Schools are taking kids that want to volunteer and are taking them to the new bow and they are helping in all sorts of ways. Some people are helping move stuff from apartments and residence being evacuated and some people are helping fill up and move sandbags from place to place where they are needed for the high waters.

My dad was one of the people that was down helping people get evacuated. My dad was one of the people that was the operated of the boat. He drove through the streets and in people’s backyards to cut across and help as many people to help them get out safely. Whenever we go into Cedar Rapids, my dad is always talking about the floods and how dangerous and how high the waters were. My dad said that he has never seen anything like that before. When we go drive down the streets in Cedar Rapids when we are going anywhere he always says how weird is was driving a boat where he was just in a car a couple of weeks ago.

There are still some flood lines of how high the waters were. I think it is very sad to see everything like it was. I feel so bad for so many people that lost everything that they had. I wish I could do more to help those people that are actually in need of stuff to help them. I hope there will be something that is a big event where people can go in and help people clean up and move stuff around that is destroyed.



This is the blog run by the Writing for Media class.

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