DIY Halloween Decor

I don’t know about you, but Halloween is my favorite holiday! I always loved dressing up as a kid and still love it to this day. I always thought Halloween had a cool vibe, just like Christmas, but I wanted to stand out from the other kids who all loved Christmas the most.

One of my memories from Halloween would be when my Dad and I would make our own Halloween decorations. One year we made our own lifesize coffin for my brother to jump out and scare people, along with wooden tombstones we painted funny phrases on.

Decorating was such a fun time for me during Halloween. So in that spirit, and since Halloween’s coming up, I have a few DIY Halloween decorations for you all to try out!(:

The first one I found was a Pumpkin Diorama. You can buy a plastic pumpkin, any color, or paint it to the color you would like. Then cut out a big enough hole to fit what you’d like to see into it. You can place fake moss or some type of landscape and then put little Halloween buildings and figures in side to your liking.

For some miniature Halloween items, shop here!


The next DIY I found has to do with candles. The first type of candle you could do is to buy little real pumpkins and cut out the top and insides and place a candle inside to light up. It is also optional to paint these pumpkins as well. Another candle option is to buy mason jars and glue real or fake leaves onto the outside of the jar and tie a complimentary ribbon or string around the top. Place a candle inside and watch them glow!

For perfect tea light candles click here!


For the last project, I found out how to make poison/potion/etc bottles. Find a glass bottle you like and paint it to your choice of color. I would recommend doing at least a few different bottles just to give your decor a little more oomph. I also suggest you find different types of sizes or shapes of bottles to keep it interesting and paint each one a different color. Then, find a label to print off for each bottle (again different ones for each) and glue onto the bottle when the paint dries. Set them up in a spooky spot and there you have it!

Here are some free printable labels you can use!
I hope you found these DIY Halloween projects exciting and fun! I had fun finding them and think I might try them myself this Halloween.(: Now get in that Halloween spirit and get your craft on!!(;



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