Iowa Wrestling

By Jarryd Bedell

The Iowa Wrestling season is starting soon and you know what that means! Raspberry ice cream?  It is literally the greatest thing on this planet besides the wrestling 😉 They have so many vendors there at the Carver Hawkeye Arena it’s ridiculous. Last year they had over 75 different vendors there. You can eat everything there — from popsicles and dippin’ dots to pizza and pretzels.  You could get really fat there. The only thing that might keep you thin is the prices.  It is very expensive to eat there, so it’s either your wallet or your waistline.  It’s like five dollars for a bottle of water.

The Iowa wrestling season will start November 5th. Iowa wrestles Grand View at the Grand View open in Des Moines.  Their last meet will be Sunday, February 12th against Nebraska. Before the Big Ten Championships in March, they will have about twenty meets.  I’ll probably go to the meet against Penn State, which has a great program.  I don’t know if Iowa will get beat, but it’s gonna be a tough match.

Iowa wrestling has been a thing in my  family for a long time. We have gone to meets  ever since I was a baby.  I used to get down on the mat when I was little during breaks.  I remember getting tickets and walking into the stadium.  You could hear AC/DC in the background.  “Back in Black.”  “Thunderstruck.”  The music is roaring through the speakers and you are just so pumped.  
Once a Hawkeye, always a Hawkeye.  Yeah, I know that was corny. Anyways the best memory that I have of all the Iowa Wrestling meets, well one of them is when I went down to the center of the mat after a meet and got my roster signed by all the wrestlers it was the time of my life. My best memory of all time is when the Whole team came out to my house to have dinner with us. My brother went to school with Ryan Morningstar, a former Iowa wrestler. He now is an assistant coach for Iowa. Iowa is a very good team and they work hard. That what I like about them– they always pull through in the toughest of times.



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