High School Experience

by Sydney Bedell

As I type this post it brings back lots of memories, some good and some not so good. If the memory was not a good experience, a very good life lesson that I will forever reference. You see, school hasn’t always been the easiest for me, and sometimes because of that lacking in the “caring” department. Having a great support system within my awesome friends and my loving family has made it easier. Now, as a senior in high school having had the opportunity to be myself here at Lisbon Community School. So… I wanted to share some of my opportunities, classes, experiences, tough times, and good times!

Oh, those Freshman…

Freshman year went by so quickly. I got the opportunity to start fresh with some new teacher that I had never met before, and first it was scary. I was very quiet and somewhat antisocial; I had a small group of friends and that was it. most of my time in class doing things I shouldn’t have been doing. Getting caught up in the “clique” (drama) is something I was never really interested in.

How About Those Sophomores…

Going back is always nerve-wracking, after you get through the first year of new teachers, new students, new classes ect. it’s much easier. But you still have that first day fright, as least, I do. The scariest part for me is to get used to seeing you classmates again after not seeing most of them for a good part of 4 months. Going back to school as a high schooler also had its pros homecoming is right around the corner. At Lisbon this year we started to make homecoming parade floats, and a parade showing off our float to the whole school. We can make our own shirts using our class color to represent our girls’ powderpuff game. It’s an awesome experience!

Go Juniors…

You are through the tough parts, at least for me anyway. My junior year was easier than my sophomore and my freshman years. Easier classes, more hands-on classes, less homework, study halls. One of the downsides of going up grades is that you have fewer classes to pick from the following year. Also, when you get older your teacher depends on you to get your homework done and done on time. Even if you have responsibilities, you can still have fun with you junior year! So if you haven’t already been through or are going through have fun with it!


Having difficulties has always taught me to do my best! Have fun with high school; after all, you do only go through it once! Some advice for the seniors is to make your life easier, you should have already taken your “core” classes so you should be able to set up your schedule any way that you would like. Go to prom and homecoming with your friends or date and have fun. Remember, this is the only time in your life you get to do these things. Lastly, make new friends and keep old friends! It makes time fly and once you hit that stage on graduation day you will look back only to realize it was all worth it! Every last assignment, teacher, class, etc. Need some extra advice? https://www.livecareer.com/quintessential/high-school-critical-issues



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