Another Bombing?

When Did This Bombing Take Place?

On Saturday September 17, 2016, Sunday September 18, 2016, and Monday September 19, 2016, 3 bombings occurred in New York and New Jersey. One of these bombs was a pipe bomb that exploded in a trash can near a charity run in New Jersey. This charity run was a benefit to help Marines. Another bomb was also in New York. This bomb was a bag containing 5 explosive devices placed on a trash can in a train station. The 3rd bomb exploded inside of a dumpster in the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan.

Who Was Suspected of These Bombings?

According to the FBI, all three of these bombing were conducted by the same person. This person is Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, a naturalized U.S. citizen of Afghan descent. He is on the “Most Wanted” list and is labeled as armed and dangerous. Rahami is said to have been caught on video on Saturday night in Chelsea before the bombs exploded. His last known address was located in Elizabeth, New Jersey above a restaurant that was run by his father. Officials have also stated that there was physical evidence of Rahami is linked to the explosive devices of the bombings in both New Jersey and New York. In 2011, Rahami and his father attempted to sue the city of Linden for discrimination after numerous court cases involving allegations of noise disturbance. They claimed they had been racially abused by local residents who told them: “Muslims don’t belong here.” Three years later, he was arrested for unlawful possession of a weapon and domestic violence charges for allegedly attempting to stab his sister, but was not charged. One of Rahami’s sisters, although unclear which one said it, reportedly said he was the “black sheep” of the family and did not get along with his father.


The Arrest of Ahmad Khan Rahami!

Rahami was captured after the owner of a bar in Linden, New Jersey, found him sleeping in the doorway of his bar Monday morning. Harinder Bains, owner of Merdie’s Tavern, said that he thought that Rahami was some “drunk guy” resting in the doorway. Then, he recognized Rahami and called police. “I’m just a regular citizen doing what every citizen should do. Cops are the real heroes, law enforcement are the real heroes,” Bains told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

When officers responded, Rahami pulled out a handgun and opened fire, striking an officer in the chest. A foot chase ensued, during which Rahami shot at a police car, causing a bullet to graze another officer in the face. The chase ended when Rahami was shot multiple times. He was taken to a hospital for surgery. Officers Angel Padilla and Peter Hammer were taken to the hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. Rahami was not initially cooperative with police who tried to interview him, a law enforcement official said. Authorities believe the “main guy” has been caught but the investigation continues to determine if Rahami had help, sources told CNN.

How Many People Were Injured?

The bombing that occurred in Chelsea in New York injured 29 people during its explosion. Luckily, no one was injured in the bombing that detonated in a New Jersey trash can by a charity run. This is because the race had been delayed to a later time than advertised. No one was injured in the Elizabeth train station in New York where the 5 explosive devices were found in a trash can. There no deaths as a result of any of these bombings, but the suspect is said to have being charged with 5 counts of ‘attempted murder.’



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